5 Tips For Traveling By Airplane

Traveling is a super way to explore new things, but alas it always comes with a side of hassle.  Traveling by airplane can especially easily start your trip on the wrong foot if the flight is delayed, your luggage lost, or if you’re unprepared for the challenge of the trip just through the airport.  Here are a few tips for making sure your trip starts smoothly: First and foremost, book a morning flight!  Your flight is much more likely to … [Read more...]

Traveling By Plane Is SO Expensive

Our family never travels on the airline because it is much cheaper for us to drive ourselves.  Yes, it does take longer on the road, but the prices of 4 airline tickets, luggage fees and airport parking is just nuts.  This year was a little different and we chose to fly because my husband was invited on a very nice hunting trip in South Texas that he just couldn't pass up.  The kids and I went on to visit family, while my husband went to his … [Read more...]