Sunscreen Can Save Your Life!

Well, the weather is HOT and the rain is finally slowing down! It is cloudy outside today; I think we will go to the park and enjoy the nature scenery. Do we still need to apply sunscreen even though it is cloudy? YES, WE DO! Did you know that you are most likely to get a sunburn on a cloudy day? This is because you cannot see the sun so you naturally assume you are not getting a burn or you can stay out longer without getting too red. However, … [Read more...]

Are You Being Stalked By a Cyber Criminal?

In today’s Internet-driven age, it is not uncommon to read or hear about cyber-crimes on an almost daily basis. While some make national and even worldwide headlines, others never reach the front pages. Still, many of those latter ones prove devastating to consumers across the nation and around the world. When a cyber-criminal literally reaches through your computer or swoops in when you least expect it and messes with your life (specifically … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

If you live in a subdivision, city or apartment complex you are surrounded by tons of people. Do you know your neighbors? Do you trust them? Something that happens all too often is that someone unexpectedly gets a knock on the door and they recognize their neighbor standing on the other side, so they trustingly open the door. This is a completely normal reaction but sometimes we do not think this through all the way. Have we met them before … [Read more...]

Is Identity Theft Protection on Your Radar for 2016?

Moms are often the first and last lines of defense when it comes to protecting the financial home-front.  With all they have to do on a daily basis, staying a step ahead of identity theft thieves is just one more thing to consider.  As the news has shown in recent years, identity theft is no laughing matter. If anything, it is one expensive matter for consumers to deal with. As a mother, what are you doing to decrease the odds that you and … [Read more...]

Protect Your Pet From Cold Weather

Cold weather has been sweeping the nation lately, and the temperatures have gotten dangerously low.  While we are trying to keep warm ourselves, we also need to consider the safety and warmth of our pets!  If you have a cat or cats, try to keep them inside if possible. Outdoors, felines can literally freeze to death in a matter of minutes, become lost or stolen, injured and killed.  Cold weather can cause wild animals to do some pretty crazy … [Read more...]

Thorlos Sock Review #Giveaway – #Win 2 Pairs ENDS 9/1

I received socks from for my family in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.  Thorlos says "Your Feet Will Feel Better Or Your Money Back!" Thorlos offers different types of socks in order to meet almost everyone's needs. While setting up this sock review, I told Thorlos a little bit about each of my family members that helped them to select the perfect pair of socks for each of us. Here's the Thorlos … [Read more...]