MiuColor.com Review: Crystal Glass Water Bottle #Giveaway

I was given the following from MiuColor.com to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are mine alone. This 24.5 oz crystal glass water bottle from MiuColor.com couldn't have come at a better time!  We are in the process of opening our first GFY Carwash location and it's hot!  Being outside in this Texas heat definitely calls for multiple water breaks.  We've purchased a cold water cooler and this MiuColor.com crystal glass water … [Read more...]

ReusaWool Dryer Balls: TheWillowStore.com

I was given this box of ReusaWool Dryer Balls from TheWillowStore.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I have always wondered about dryer balls.  I have seen where people have posted threads on Facebook about using these, but I had never looked into them.  Lately I saw where people were adding a few drops of lavendar oil to their dryer balls to add fragrance to their clothing which grabbed my … [Read more...]

#Giveaway: Therafit Rio Women’s Ballet Flat

I just bought a new outfit online and couldn't wait until my Therafit Ballet Flats arrived!  These comfortable flats definitely pull my fun outfit together.  I'm usually a sneaker type of gal, but face it, sneakers don't always look nice with everything!  I love wearing Therafit shoes because they offer great comfort that doesn't always come along with cute shoes.  I was once told that sometimes you have to give up comfort in order to look nice, … [Read more...]

#Review: Floral Swag From SilkPlantsDirect.com

I was given the following floral swag from SilkPlantsDirect.com in exchange for my honest review.  All my opinions are mine alone. My orchid pine swag has arrived!  It is 30 inches long and will be perfect for many areas in my home.  I initially ordered it for my mantle, but since Halloween is almost here and my mantle is currently displaying Halloween decor, I am going to feature this swag in my kitchen. I love orchids, but I've … [Read more...]

Review: www.Bondswell.com

Have you heard of Bondswell.com?  If not, you definitely need to check it out! It is like Pinterest, but more customizable (so more fun, in my opinion!).  I created my account and was able to customize my profile: After that, I started creating my first Bond. Since I have a passion for health and fitness, I decided to create a health and fitness bond.  With Bondswell, you can search for specific items or search a general category and pick … [Read more...]

Review: The Mighty Mug With SmartGrip

I was given a 20 oz. Mighty Mug Ice tumbler from TheMightyMug.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. This has been a very easy product for me to review.  My nine year old has been "all about" this cup!  Yesterday I heard him say that he needed some chocolate milk but needed to find the "cool" cup first.  We have been under a major kitchen remodel for a while now.  Our entire kitchen was torn out which has … [Read more...]

App Review: CagoMama

Are you a frequent traveler to new places that you are not familiar with?  If so, the free app CagoMama is perfect for you.  With this app, you are able to send your secure location via text message to certain contacts in your phone.  I tested this out myself with a friend, and it is very accurate.  She lives in a different state but she was able to find out where I was with a simple press of a button. When you download CagoMama (Click … [Read more...]

Aurorae Beach Towel #Giveaway ENDS 6/5

I was given a beach/swim towel from www.auroraeyoga.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Above you will see the stitched logo that appears on all the Aurorae towels.  The beach/swim towel that  I was given for this review was Cayman Island Coral in color.  I also have the Fiji Sunset in the yoga towel and have washed it multiple times over the past year and there are no signs of fading.  As you can guess, I … [Read more...]

#Review: Therafit Brittany Jeweled Sandal

I was given a pair of Brittany Sandals from Therafitshoe.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. It's that time again!  Time to gear up for summer and bring out your summer clothes, shoes, bathing suits, etc.  I have already purchased a few pairs of shorts and tops for the summer since I lost weight since last year, but I was still in need of the perfect pair of sandals to show off my fun toe nail polish.  Not … [Read more...]

EveryDayHappy Family Products #Review

I was given an EveryDayHappy gift package from EveryDayHappy.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Here's the package that I received for this review.  Don't you love their packaging?  I have to say it is very appealing and eye catching.  It really makes you want to save the box for future use!  It's just fun, just like going through all the great pre-packaged products they sent over for me to … [Read more...]

Nawgum Teether #Review #Giveaway

A Nawgum teether was given to the reviewer from melloandco.com to use in facilitating her review.  All opinions are her own. The Nawgum teether works great when connected to the stroller, car seat etc, so it doesn't fall on the ground. Nawgum is top rack dish washer safe, you can boil it, freeze it, AND it's non porous which means there is no chance of mold, fungi or bacteria to seep inside the solid piece. The Nawgum teether is also all … [Read more...]

RampShot Outdoor Game $50 Amazon #Giveaway

I was given a RampShot outdoor game to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are mine alone.   The RampShot outdoor game comes with everything you see above: 2 RampShot Ramps 2 RampShot Nets and 2 RampShot Stickers which we placed on the ramps ourselves 4 RampShot Balls My family and I love a great outdoor game!  We live on a greenbelt and have the perfect place to keep these games set up for days on end.  For us, … [Read more...]

Aardvark Paper Straws: USA Made

I received Aardvark paper drinking straws from AardvarkStraws.com to use to facilitate my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Check out these cool straws!  They  are the "original" paper drinking straws which were invented after Marvin Stone proudly patented the spiral-winding process in 1888 which was used to create the first paper drinking straw.  Aardvark Straws are the only paper drinking straws that are made in the U.S.A.  All … [Read more...]

#Win Dessert Bullet #Giveaway ENDS 11/17

I was Given a Magic Bullet - Dessert Bullet to use in facilitating my review.   All opinions are my own. I was excited to test this out as it said you could have all the flavor without the fat, added sugar and calories which is a huge plus when you count calories as I do.  It also said you could have a healthy dessert in just 10 seconds, now that is my kind of machine! The kids and I went through the recipe book that came with the … [Read more...]

Ideal Carb Blocker From IdealShape.com

I was given a bottle of Ideal Carb Blocker from IdealShape.com to use in facilitating my review.  Affiliate links are used in the following post. Do you find that you eat too many carbs?  Are you worried that your carb intake is affecting your weight loss goals?  IdealShape.com says that their Ideal Carb Blocker will improve your Carb Metabolism.  IdealShape dares you to test out their Carb Blocker and experience it for yourself.  They say … [Read more...]

Back To School With Mabel’s Labels

I received a Stylish Scholars Combo pack from MabelsLabels.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone! Since I have two boys that could both use these these labels for school, I decided to go with our last name so that everyone could use them without any arguments.  The size of these labels is just perfect.  My boys do not like to use large stickers, as they believe stickers to be for younger children, so … [Read more...]