2016 Houston Rodeo Fun

Last week was Summer Break and we went to the Houston Rodeo for the day to check out the shopping, the rodeo and the Georgia Florida Line concert.  Check out the photo above, this is one of the stands that we saw on our way into the festivities.  Each year I think about this, but I have yet to try anything.  If you were to get something from this Fried A Fair stand, which would you get? How about this?  How many footballs would guess this … [Read more...]

Why Spring Is The Best In Texas

Spring is a wonderful season just about anywhere, but here in Texas we make it a little extra wonderful.  After a long cold winter (just kidding) Texans get spring a little earlier than most of the country and take full advantage of the perfect weather before it starts boiling again. Here are some of the things that make spring the best in Texas: Rodeos – No one can do a rodeo like Texans.  All across our state we’re putting on our best … [Read more...]

My Newcomer’s Guide to Visiting Houston

So you've just moved to the Houston area, and you're not sure how you're going to spend your time. Well get excited, because there's a ton to do in this fabulous city! Fly in Style See Houston in style by taking to the air! A helicopter tour is a great way to get a unique take on any new city, especially one where you'll be spending a lot of time. A company like Apex Helicopters can take you up and let you see your new home the way few people … [Read more...]