Aquis Super Absorbent Hair Towels Make Great Gifts!

I was given this Aquis bundle from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I couldn't wait to test out the Aquis towels above, my boys and I always leave the shower with dripping wet hair.  We have thick hair and no one wants to take the time to use a hair dryer.  By the time we've dried off, then dried our hair, our towel is thoroughly wet, so off we go to air dry.  This doesn't bother any of us … [Read more...]

How To Stay Organized Everyday

No need for a "cute" grocery list, just get it done! In this day and age, it can be so hard to stay organized every day.  Something may come up, a phone call may throw you off, and the possibilities are endless.  I have a few tips to help you stay organized every day.  Hopefully they help! The first thing you need to do is start prepping the night before.  Do a quick pick-up throughout the house.  Clear off the counters, take out the trash, … [Read more...] – Quick Daily News Updates

I don't know about you, but I am horrible about staying on top of the news.  I do catch a little news in the mornings when my husband watches it in our bedroom, but I am usually out of bed quickly and downstairs getting the kids ready for school.  If I don't run across the latest news in my social media accounts, then I am out of luck for the day.  I keep the television turned off during the day so I can concentrate on my online work and then … [Read more...]

Just Peachy Barbeque Chicken Recipe

Have you ever heard of Dump Dinner Recipes?  Check this recipe out!  I searched Dump Dinners on Amazon and found many Dump Dinner recipe books to choose from. Just Peachy Barbeque Chicken Recipe When my boys come home from basketball practice, they are hungry and ready to eat.  I am a busy woman myself and sometimes I need a recipe that I can throw together quickly and have it ready in 20 minutes or less.  This dump dinner recipe, Just … [Read more...]

Dinner Made Easy #HoneyBakedEaster #Ad

I received the following food items from HoneyBaked in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Our family looks forward to spending time together for Easter.  Our family lives far away, but I still make sure that our family of four enjoys traditional Easter meals like the ones my husband and I grew up enjoying with our families.  This can be a lot of work in the kitchen if you are the only one cooking, but I've got … [Read more...]

Car Washes: Do it Yourself or Have Someone Else Do it?

When you want to wash your car, you have two choices.  You can either take your car to a professional, or you can do it yourself.  Both have advantages, and you should consider your own wants and needs before proceeding.  With this in mind, while you can save money by doing it on your own, you should pay a professional, and here are four reasons why. Cheaper in the long run:  First and foremost, if you want to wash your own car, you probably … [Read more...]

Money & Time Saving Amusement Park Tips

Check out the sign above.  It was posted throughout Holiday World Amusement & Water Park located in Santa Claus, Indiana.  This is a great perk of this park.  Multiple stations offering unlimited soft drinks, Gatorade and water were found throughout the park for all guests.  On top of the free drink stations inside Holiday World, they also had free sunscreen stations as well. Will your family be headed to an amusement park or water park … [Read more...]

Italian Meatloaf Crockpot Recipe

Are you looking for a great crock post recipe? Check out this recipe for Italian Meatloaf. . . Italian Meatloaf Recipe You will need: 1 cup soft bread crumbs 1 1/2 cups spaghetti sauce divided 1 egg 2 tbs minced onion 1/4 cup finely minced green pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning 2 lbs ground beef {I use 90% lean} Instructions: Mix bread crumbs, 1 cup spaghetti sauce, egg, onion, green pepper, … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Morning

Riding bikes to school with your kids makes a great morning, but also takes more organization and preparation. While the relaxation and calmness during the summer was a wonderful thing, now that the kids are back in school my mornings are hectic.  If you're like most moms, chances are that your mornings can get pretty crazy, too.  After all, on top of getting yourself ready, there are lunches to make, children to dress, and even pets to feed. … [Read more...]

A Few Dollars Can Save Time & Bring Smiles

You wouldn't believe how much fun comes along with a few extra dollars spent on festive paper plates.  I use paper plates a lot to save time in the kitchen, but always buy the cheap, thin ones. My husband, on the other hand, likes to buy the more expensive, premium, thick, paper plates.  This drives me nuts, because once you eat on it, you are going to throw it away, so why not spend less money and buy the cheaper ones? When it comes to … [Read more...]

Save Time, Shop Online

 Shopping online for furniture definitely saves time.  I am very picky when it comes to buying an item that I will most likely keep for a few years.  My husband and I can spend all weekend going in and out of stores across town and still not buy anything because I can't make up my mind or just haven't found the "perfect" one.  Then we have to go back to the stores where I "might" want to get that item from, you get the picture.  I take pictures … [Read more...]