5 Ways to Cut Monthly Costs and Create Savings

Having a family is tough work. There is so much to do in a day that it's easy to lose focus on some of the problems that crop up every day.  One of the most common mistakes that families make is not creating enough savings. There are a number of issues that can arise when it comes to raising kids, and emergency costs are certainly at the top.  Not only that, but raising money for college and making sure that your child is prepared for college … [Read more...]

Save Money While Traveling

Do you plan on traveling soon, it is one of the best experiences of a life time, but it can be a little pricey.  Even with the best savings account banks can offer, it could take quite some time to save up enough money to go on a trip not to mention the expenses incurred while you’re actually out traveling.  Fortunately, there are a few ways to cut down on those costs while you’re out seeing the world or traveling for business. As with … [Read more...]

I Do Not Recommend Using PromoCode4Share

I make it a point to search for promo codes when shopping online and was recently approached by PromoCode4Share.  Their contact Phuong wanted me to tell you about their PromoCode4Share site and how you could benefit from using their PromoCode4Share promo codes.  I spent time browsing their PromoCode4Share deals in order to share this site with you and after my work was done, Phuong was nowhere to be found, therefore he never followed through with … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Bills

Saving money on monthly bills is a great way to cut down on expenses.  Every year after realizing how much money we spent over the holidays, I try to find ways to save money by altering our current bills.  Here are a few places that I like to check for savings when I evaluate my bills: We have two vehicles and every year I compare car insurance rates and quotes a month or so before my car insurance comes up for renewal.  Calling around for … [Read more...]

Are You Currently Saving Money For The Future?

Since my last post, Mom Blog: Four Tips To Save Money And Reduce Daily Spending, I have been thinking about ways of saving money on a larger scale.  Where will my husband and I be (monetarily) in the future?  Saving money by packing coolers and reusing Wal-Mart sacks is great for now, but it won't add up enough for a retirement savings.  As I was looking online, I was searching investment blogs and found this article from … [Read more...]