Tackle Large Amounts Of Dirty Laundry

  Summer is going to be here before we know it. That means the kids will be out of school and most likely running around your house keeping it nice and messy for you! That also means your laundry loads will probably double in size. Kids like to play outside, change their outfits, play inside, change again and then once again head outside and change before bed. As a parent myself, I tend to slack on the laundry. I do not mind doing … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Summer Camp Schedule

Will your children be attending Summer camps?  If so, I'd recommend signing up early to ensure that you get accepted before the sign ups fill up.  Both my boys have camps that they'd like to attend, so this week I am working on a camp schedule.  I have printed out all the flyers and am using a calendar to schedule everything before officially signing up. My oldest is trying to fit in as many basketball camps as he can, while my youngest is … [Read more...]

Teach Kids To Clean Right

Do your children help clean the house?  Make sure you are teaching your kids to clean, the right way.  Every parent knows how children are sometimes unwilling to clean around the house.  While there isn’t a sure-shot formula to get every kid to clean up the mess, here a few helpful tips:  Teach them to Clean Cleaning is a job, and every job requires a certain type of training.  Just like the adults need to get trained for a new job, even … [Read more...]

Make A Color Coded Activity Calendar For Your Family

It is hard to keep up with everyone’s daily schedules with all the after school functions, sports, birthday parties and etc.  A color coded calendar will help everyone be on top of things. You will need: *Monthly Calendar * Small colored circle stickers (like the ones used to price items at a yard sale.) Have each family member pick a color and that will be their permanent color choice.  Next, take their color and place it on each calendar … [Read more...]