PhotoPad Facebook App – Try it!

These days there are a ton of apps to choose from, it’s hard not to drown in all the options.  It is hard to choose which are worth your time, and which aren’t.  There are a ton that are almost similar or don’t work- but there are hardly any that let you edit your pics and make stuff with them! The photopad app will forever change the way we share pictures on social media.  No wonder Facebook users, both personal as well as business users, have … [Read more...]

Instagram’s Power Of Pictures

It took me awhile before I decided to try out Instagram.  I had it in my head that Instagram was a teenager thing, but was finally swayed over by a friend to test it out.  It was a fun app and I quickly became addicted to running through my Instagram feed every night.  I loved getting to know everyone through their pictures.  I already took pictures of everything with my phone, so Instagram was the perfect tool for me to use in sharing them … [Read more...]