I Found My Shorts At Costco

In my last post, "Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July," I mentioned that I had finally found shorts to wear as part of my GFY Good For You Carwash uniform at Costco.  Nice looking, well fitting shorts / jeans are always hard for me to find, either they fit well in the waist and are too tight in the behind or they are way too loose in the waist and fit right everywhere else.   Last week I spent three hours walking the mall trying on … [Read more...]

Tips For Shoppers On Being Polite

One of my friends just started working at a liquidation outlet and was telling me all about her day at work.  I mentioned that she should write about it on the blog, so here's her liquidation outlet tip for the day: When we shop at liquidation outlets or stores with a weird pricing system, we tend to walk right up to the cashier and ask them to explain what is going on.  This also tends to happen while the cashier is counting out someone … [Read more...]

My Bed Bath & Beyond Accepts Outdated Coupon Mailers

  Make sure to save the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon mailers that come in your mail box.  I have found that my area Bed, Bath and Beyond store accepts outdated coupons, so I save them all and use them for all my Bed, Bath and Beyond purchases.  My local store will even let you purchase your item, bring your receipt back with your coupon  and redeem your savings at a later time if you should need to purchase but don’t have your coupon … [Read more...]

Quick Tips for Surviving the Holidays

As the Christmas Eve approaches, your stress levels are probably rising.  Did you buy a gift for each child on your side of the family?  What about your husband's nieces?  Did you remember to get that new afghan your grandmother wanted?  What about the toy your son has been eyeballing?  How is your budget looking?  Is everything still in check?  Dealing with the holidays can be incredibly overwhelming and the truth is that no mom can be Super … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 3 Ways To Pamper Yourself

Women love feeling ladylike and feminine, but life's daily grind can sometimes make us forget all about getting in touch with our inner goddess. Taking the time to pamper yourself, indulging in small luxuries and making yourself look like a million dollars for a day can do wonders for bringing back that inner feminine spark in every woman. This post features 3 top "experience day" activities that women can do to get back in touch with their … [Read more...]

Are You Too Busy Online?

Shopping and paying bills online is supposed to save me time, but I feel like a need computer help today in order to track everything down.  Who knows, maybe Geeks Mobile USA could help me?  Have you ever felt that way?  I ordered my husband shirts from Men's Warehouse so that I could save myself time in selecting them at the store.  That has been over 3 weeks ago and I still don't have his shirts.  In order to receive free shipping I had them … [Read more...]

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done

If you are trying to get your  shopping done before the kids get out of school, you better hurry!  Christmas break will be here before you know it. Right now, you can still do your online shopping without the fear of it arriving too late.  I do most of my online shopping off Amazon.com and Walmart Site to Store.  Walmart.com, with site to store pickup allows you to send a prepaid gift straight to the pickup department (old layaway dept. in our … [Read more...]

Shopping on Amazon.com

Have you ever compared prices with Toys R Us and Amazon.com?  I do a lot of my holiday shopping online with Amazon since I almost always get free shipping and quick delivery.   While looking for toys online, I noticed that the exact same toys I happened to be searching, were priced cheaper at Amazon than at Toys R Us, so...... check Amazon before buying from the other retailers.  Refer to "My Reason For Starting A Blog" for additional information … [Read more...]