Internet Can Be Dangerous For Kids – Use Safeguards

My boys are ages nine and fifteen.  Both boys own smartphones and have access to laptops. You can see my youngest above searching images for me when it was time for me to choose a design for our new wrought iron stair railing.  He was thrilled about helping me, so I set him to work online to find his favorite designs. My nine year old uses his smartphone while at home for games and calling / texting one friend and our family.  I make sure that … [Read more...]

Business Websites Need To Be Informative

Have you ever gone online to look up information about an up and coming company only to find that their website doesn’t list enough information about them, such as contact info or social media links?  That can be so frustrating, and it definitely does not give a great first impression of the company! If you are starting up a new business and you have a website, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your readers or customers who … [Read more...]

PhotoPad Facebook App – Try it!

These days there are a ton of apps to choose from, it’s hard not to drown in all the options.  It is hard to choose which are worth your time, and which aren’t.  There are a ton that are almost similar or don’t work- but there are hardly any that let you edit your pics and make stuff with them! The photopad app will forever change the way we share pictures on social media.  No wonder Facebook users, both personal as well as business users, have … [Read more...]

What’s Inside Your Twitter Account

Do you have a Twitter account?  Do you have a business that you are promoting or do you like to enter online giveaways?  If  this pertains to you, then you need to sign up for a Twitter account if you haven't already.  You can easily sign up for a twitter account by heading over to  Make sure that your Twitter account name or Twitter handle is easy to remember and relative to your website, products or your online name so that people … [Read more...]

Easily Contact Companies Through Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account?  How do you use your Twitter account?  Do you use it mainly to enter giveaways, or do you use it for contacting people? Twitter is a very useful tool and can be used to get a company's attention when you need help.  We took the kids tubing at the lake on our new Connelly water tube last week.  The inflated tube was too big to get into our van so we removed the plug in order to deflate the tube and we accidentally … [Read more...]

How to Leverage a Product Review to Your Advantage

Brands are figuring out that they need to invest in other people to help them promote products and services using content marketing to out rank their competitors. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to own more real estate in the Search Engines. They are striving to take the number one placement in search engines. However, most companies are quickly learning that if they can take up all 10 places on a search engines results page then it … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get More Review Opportunities On Your Blog

Are you looking for more review and giveaway opportunities for your blog?  If so, you must get your blog ready.  Here are 5 recommended review / giveaway preparation tips for your blog . Make Emails A Priority Answer your emails promptly.  Companies are thrilled to work with positive, quick responding bloggers.  Check your emails periodically and always reply to your emails, even if you only reply to say, “I will not be able to take this … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Use Instagram in Your Social Marketing Campaign

Instagram is a fairly new social media that is taking marketing to a whole new level.    If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, it is a photo and photo sharing app that is available for free on Itunes and Google Play.  Instagram is very easy to use and you can even use the app to edit your photos to make them ascetically pleasing to the eye.  If you aren’t currently using Instagram, I highly recommend adding this social networking tool to your … [Read more...]

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook

If you aren't familiar with Facebook scheduling, it is also very easy to set up.  Face it, if you are awake at 2 a.m. and want to send something out on Facebook, your friends may not be awake to see your message.  In this case, you can schedule it for 7 or 8 a.m. in order for them to see it flow through their feed. In order to pre-schedule on your Facebook page, you need to take the following steps: This must be done on your Facebook page, it … [Read more...]

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Save time posting on both Facebook and Twitter by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook account.  Once this is done, each time you post on Facebook, you will also be posting on Twitter without needing to visit Twitter or another "pre-scheduling" site like, Hootesuite or TweetDeck to do so.  Pre-scheduling sites are great, but you will get better exposure on Facebook if you post directly on Facebook instead of using a third … [Read more...]

Twitter Is A Great Tool

If you want to market your blog, your eBook, or even your blossoming company, you need to get active in the world of social media.  A lot of bloggers are uncomfortable with the idea of marketing.  After all, aren't those things that just big companies need to worry about? Won't it take away from the time you spend working on your company or penning your next book?  The truth is that using Twitter and other social media websites to promote … [Read more...]

7th Grade Kia Silverbrook Research Project

Ever thought of using social media to help your children with their school projects?  My son is 12 and he was assigned an inventor to research in his Science class.  He was assigned Kia Silverbrook, so we started researching about him online.  He is from Sydney, Australia and holds more patents than Thomas Edison.  This was a fun project because he is a current inventor instead of the same ones that you learn about over and over throughout your … [Read more...]