Are Your Stretch Marks Irritating?

It is summer  time, the sun is out and the beach is calling your name!  How are you feeling about your swimsuit this year?  Do you have scars or stretch marks you want to hide or get rid of?  I know I have a few stretch marks left over from my pregnancies!  Did you know that there are places that hold classes to teach you how to do different skin treatments, these places also administer the treatments!  If you have stretch marks that you are … [Read more...]

Would You Like To “Erase” Your Stretch Marks?

Nobody likes stretchmarks and unfortunately if you have had a child, you probably have a few stretch marks of your own.  My first pregnancy, I worried about the stretch marks and used lotion on my belly every day just knowing that I was doing what was necessary to avoid "keeping" my pregnancy stretch marks.  Guess what, it didn't work and the stretch marks stayed.  I used a few products right after having my son and then decided I had other … [Read more...]