Our Hamster Stripe Was Buried

Yesterday was a sad afternoon, after having our hamster Stripe since first grade, my third grader experienced his first pet burial.  We were told that a hamster's life span was around two / two and a half years so Stripe had a full life with us. Bobby knew that this was coming and had been talking about the expected short lifespan for months now.  Stripe went to sleep curled up in her blue bed as usual and never woke back up.  I put her in a … [Read more...]

Hamsters Are SO Smart!

  Meet Stripe, I love her to death, but this little hamster is wearing me out!  Each day I check in on her and last night I didn't see her when I looked over at her cage.  All her doors were still locked, but she wasn't there.  I was afraid that I was going to find her dead underneath her cage bedding, but nope!  Then I realized that the extra insert on the top of her cage was missing.  I looked down, and it had fallen behind the … [Read more...]

Stop That Hamster!

Stripe, the hamster, decided to do a little exploring upstairs last night.  I had placed her in her ball while I fixed her hamster wheel then forgot about her.  I left the bedroom door open and ran downstairs.  Stripe was alone in her ball with the whole upstairs to explore. Later that night, my husband went on up to bed while the kids and I finished up the movie we were watching downstairs.  All of the sudden I heard my husband yelling about the … [Read more...]

Hamster Bathtub Training Is A MUST

Meet my seven year old son, Bobby and his hamster Stripe.  They got to meet each other between the walls of the bathtub!  Now, after many hours of training, Stripe and Bobby are best buds!  Stripe is a teddy bear hamster and loves to run in her ball, exercise on her wheel and eat fruit treats. Hamsters are great pets but require responsibility and much attention.  The fun part about owning a hamster is being able to take them out and play … [Read more...]

First Week With Hamster – Nerve Wrecking

Ever since Bobby's first grade class got a class hamster, he has wanted one so bad!  We saw this as a great opportunity to use this "want" as a reading incentive.  He really doesn't like to read and needs to excel in reading, so we said he could get a hamster once he could show improvement in his reading.  Before you know it, he was reading books by himself in his room and working very hard to read higher level books. After we could see that … [Read more...]