Fun At Wet N’Wild Waterpark

Our last day of school was 6/4 so we decided to spend the first day of Summer Break at Wet N' Wild Waterpark.  This was a view of the water park from the parking lot.  As soon as we entered the park, there was a bag check to ensure that you didn't bring in any outside food.  It was at this point that I realized that I could have brought water bottles in with us.  I had a cooler in my car with snacks and drinks so that we'd have a snack waiting … [Read more...]

Creative Ideas for the Summer Vacation

Do you live near the beach?  If so, be sure to hit the sand a few times. With the children now on holiday for the summer most of us will be preparing ourselves for the inevitable cries of “I’m bored” or “what are we doing today?”  To many of us this is a real pain because despite our best efforts we just can’t keep coming up with new ideas to keep the children entertained, especially right across the six-week break and it’s even worse when it … [Read more...]

Making Summer Fun AND Educational!

Wow, how is it even possible that we are approaching the middle of July?  Didn’t school JUST let out for summer like a week ago?  I couldn’t believe it when I glanced at my calendar today and realized that we are exactly halfway through our summer break here in Texas.  The first few weeks were eaten up quickly with sports camps, swimming, and just overall taking it easy; however, I really want the last leg of our summer to be productive for the … [Read more...]