School Is Starting Back, Did You…

Many schools have already started back up for the fall session, but we've got one one more week left of our summer break before it's time to get back to school.   Getting ready for school to start back up can be very hectic, so I've included my personal check list  for your review. Things To Do Before School Starts Back Up . Back to school shopping for items that are needed NOW Shoes Clothing ( Backpack Lunch kit Books from … [Read more...]

Summer Schedule Is A Must!

The kids are hanging out in the driveway in between activities Are you as frazzled as I am this summer? I love getting to run around and spend time with my children, but balancing each person's activities, along with work and household chores, can be tiring and overwhelming.  In fact, without proper organization, it's nearly impossible to keep everything on track.  The importance of organization during the summer cannot be stressed enough. … [Read more...]