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T. Rowe Price had an excellent Financial Fitness Calendar for August on which I was eager to play a part in with my children.  There were many suggested activities for children and their families that were perfect for stimulating financial awareness.  After running through the calendar, I chose three activities that I thought would catch my boys’ interest the most. Activity 1:  Organize A Blind Taste Test Activity 2:  … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Get in the Game – Teach Your Kids about Finances

Get in the Game – Teach Your Kids about Finances By Stuart Ritter, CFP Do you think your kids will be better off than you financially once they reach your age? If so, you feel the same way as than half of parents and kids ages 8-14, according to a new survey released by T. Rowe Price. The 2013 Parents, Kids and Money Survey revealed that although nearly three quarters of parents say they have regular conversations with their kids about … [Read more...]

Smart Spending Tips For The Holidays

While Thanksgiving is a day to rest and be thankful for all we have, the next day millions of shoppers will wake up before dawn and begin furiously preparing for the remainder of the holiday season.  However, Black Friday can be about more than searching for great deals or the best present – it can be an opportunity to teach the entire family about wise holiday spending.  Enjoy the following guest post written by Stuart Ritter. To help you … [Read more...]

Summer Time Learning

Enjoy this guest post, Summer Time Learning, written by Stuart Ritter: Summertime is just around the corner and with that comes days filled with activities for your kids, weekend trips and long vacations at the beach. While every child looks forward to the summer months to blow off some steam, parents can use this time as an opportunity to weave money matters into every day activities. Many kids don’t realize the planning and saving their … [Read more...]

Financial Terms to Teach Your Children at Age 5, 10 and 15

One of the most important tasks for parents to tackle while raising kids is ensuring that they have a proper understanding of how money and finances work. By providing your children with a sol raising kids, money and finances, financial literacy foundation, T. Rowe Price,  Stuart Ritter, savings goal, interest, loan, inflation,  taxes, investing, asset allocation, diversification, stock, bonds, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online game, goal … [Read more...]

TheGreatPiggyBankAdventure Flip Camera Giveaway: ENDED

I believe it is very important for parents to teach their child about money and the responsibilities that go with it.  My children recycle aluminum cans from the neighborhood in order to make extra money.  They have neighbors who save the cans aside from their recycling each week and the kids make a weekly run through the neighborhood picking up their cans.   I helped them get this started with fliers, emails and a few phone calls.  Now it is … [Read more...]