GFYcarwash Quality Painting Crew

Check out the painters above!  This is a job that I wouldn't necessarily enjoy.  The days have been super hot here in Texas and it probably feels even hotter when working around the top of our carwash building.  We're on track to open soon but still lots to do.  Thank goodness our painting crew is timely and always on top of things.  We have been using this same painting crew for about fifteen years now. I met the owner of the painting business … [Read more...]

Our High School Basketball Season Is Over

This year's basketball season was great!  My son was on the Sophomore Woodlands's High School basketball team and they scored many victories throughout the season.  Above you can see where he just made his free throw and the team is after the ball.  It happened so quickly, that I was able to catch him still on his tip toes from jumping as he shot the ball.  These were my favorite photos throughout the season.  Each time he shot a free throw, I … [Read more...]

Sophomore Highlander’s Basketball Game

This past Friday night my son's team played a local rival team and it was a fast paced game from start to finish.  Above you'll see our team gearing up before the game started.  I never thought I'd be a basketball fan, but now I am a die hard.  My heart was racing so fast watching this game, especially when my son dove for a ball and was kicked in the head.  I came out of my chair screaming which of course was caught on my husband's video he was … [Read more...]