Digital Media Academy Tech Summer Camp Savings

Summer is almost upon us.  Do you have plans for your children?  Don't let the summertime blues kick in, make sure your children are active and have plans for the summer.  Digital Media Academy Tech Summer Camps accept children from age 6 - 17.  DMA offers programs for their camps that focus on app development, 3D modeling, graphic design, computer programming, filmmaking and more.  Face it, technology is growing quickly and we need to prepare … [Read more...]

Save $75 Off Digital Media Academy Summer Camp

  Summer is a time for fun, a time for growing through play and summer camps.  Digit Media Academy offers campers the chance for hands - on experience creating projects with the latest hardware and software such as Apple, Cannon, etc. Campers are given courses on app development, graphic design, computer programming, robotics, 3D modeling, filmmaking and more.  Digital Media Academy (DMA) summer camps are ranked as one of the top ten … [Read more...]

FamAlert Safety Review – Is It For You?

Now that the holidays have passed and vacation is over, the kids are headed back to school.  When they’re away from home, we could all use some extra reassurance and peace of mind.  There is nothing more important than their safety, especially when I’m not right there to help.  Recent events have really caused me to reflect on how I can do my very best to ensure a better child safety plan for my family. What if my kids need me and I am not … [Read more...]