Tips to Help Your Teen Learn to Drive

It is probably one of the most stressful times in your life – when your teenagers get behind the wheel. It may be one of the more exciting moments in your adolescent’s life but you are terrified. You still need to ensure that your child knows how drive properly and safely. Many people report that this one of the most trying periods in the relationship of a parent and child. Both parties are equally nervous about the venture and this may result in … [Read more...]

5 Educational Apps for Your Teenager

School's about out for summer for everyone.  That means teenagers will start turning to video games and other electronic devices to keep them entertained.  As a parent, you need to decide how you're going to combat with your teen on when to turn off the electronic gadgets and do something else. Here are five educational apps that you can introduce to your teenager and have them learn and keep those devices on during summer break: Vocabology … [Read more...]

Teen Breaks Shower Curtain Rod Bracket TWICE

Do you have a curved shower curtain rod like this?   It is one of those rods like you find in hotels that curves in order to make a little more room inside your shower.  This is a great rod; however, my teen has managed to break the black plastic brackets that hold it to the wall twice!  Both times were his fault, but this can be very irritating when it requires you to install a whole new curved shower curtain rod due to a problem with a plastic … [Read more...]