5 Educational Apps for Your Teenager

School's about out for summer for everyone.  That means teenagers will start turning to video games and other electronic devices to keep them entertained.  As a parent, you need to decide how you're going to combat with your teen on when to turn off the electronic gadgets and do something else. Here are five educational apps that you can introduce to your teenager and have them learn and keep those devices on during summer break: Vocabology … [Read more...]

Pranks Can End Very Badly

My husband loves to relax and run through his Facebook thread while watching television after a long day at work.  Most of his FB thread comes from news channels, Monster Truck websites, sports websites and friends who love to share pictures and videos.  Every once in awhile he will come across a good video and will forward it to me or ask me if I'd like to watch it with him.    Earlier this week he found a horrible video, horrible because it is … [Read more...]