Interview Tips: Make A Great First Impression

When it was time to hire new employees for our GFY Good For You Carwash we posted a Now Hiring banner in front of our carwash, then I set up a hiring ad on several online job posting sites.  I was thrilled with the online responses and quickly set up interview dates and times for the applicants.  After conducting a few interviews with the carwash applicants, I decided to write a post on interview tips. Interview Tips: Once you have applied … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Teenagers About Auto Safety

For teenagers, getting a license and learning how to drive is a right of passage. While they are beyond excited to get behind the wheel and gain a bit of independence, most parents are terrified to let them drive on their own. Driving is a huge step for both teens and their parents, as teens get a taste of freedom and parents get a taste of having to accept that they are growing up quickly. No matter how much a parent might hope time will … [Read more...]

Tips: Host A Crawfish Boil

It’s that time of year y’all! Time for the crawfish, crawdads, craydads, craybugs, crawdaddies, or whatever you call them to be the centerpiece of a day long party! People from Louisiana know how to have a good time, and a crawfish boil is one of my favorite ways to celebrate in spring. However if you are the host of a crawfish boil, it can get really messy and really complicated in a hurry, so here are some tips on how to make sure you also have … [Read more...]

How To Defeat The Odds & Maintain A Clean Home

Article By Jason Roberts The very best way to win the battle of keeping your home clean, is to declutter it and get yourself organized.   A great deal of disarray not only causes your home to overwhelm you but it also clogs and clutters your thoughts.  The following will guide you through the most important decluttering principles so that you can defeat the odds while maintaining a clean home daily. Cease the flow of new items entering … [Read more...]

Medication Money Saving Tips

Medicine can be one of the most expensive things we need to purchase at any point.  Some medications can cost over a grand (thank goodness for insurance) while others can be as low as free or a $5 co-pay.  There are ways to save on medication, which in the end can save you a ton of money since it is usually so expensive! When your doctor has to prescribe you anything, request that they prescribe the generic version.  Generic medications can … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make a Honolulu Vacation Affordable

Are you considering a trip soon, what about one to paradise?  Vacationing in Honolulu doesn't have to mean spending a ton of money.  In fact, with a little planning and preparation your vacation can be quite affordable. Image via Flickr by snowpeak   Here are five ways to make your Honolulu vacation affordable: Stay During the Off-season Like any place you visit, Honolulu has a peak season, as well as a time when airfare and hotel … [Read more...]

Tips To Help Keep Your Baby Free From Illness

There is no fool proof way of keeping a baby safe from bugs and infections. The sad truth is that if you have a heavy cold, you are highly likely to pass on your germs to everyone in close proximity, including your baby. Babies have very little immunity when they are newborn. They do gain some immunity against bugs from their mother, particularly if they are breastfed, but it takes a while for a baby’s immune system to develop a reasonable … [Read more...] Public Forum For Moms

Are you a new mom who could use some support or advice?  Are you a mom who would love to give some support and advice?  If so, I found a great "mom forum" online called that you would enjoy.  This is a social networking site just for us moms!  They offer SO MANY resources for children of all ages, starting at the pregnancy itself up to school age, and even advice for us moms in every category!  There are over 20,000 moms on this … [Read more...]

Motivational Weight Loss Tips

Do you need to lose a few pounds?  Have you decided how you are going to go about this?  I have always watched my weight off and on, but due to an extensive knee surgery in May of 2012, it is now more important than ever that I control my weight.  The added weight on my knee could cause me to need surgery on the other knee which I DO NOT want!  The last surgery put me on a walker for a few weeks with a broken leg, then to crutches, rehabilitation … [Read more...]

5 Tips: Save on your Summer Vacation

This Summer we found a great hotel with reasonable rates, beach access and free breakfast.   While it’s great to get away in the height of summer, summer breaks can be expensive.  Make your family holidays more affordable with a look at these five ways to save! 1 – Sign up to newsletters Get yourself on the mailing lists of vacation companies and resorts that you’re interested in visiting, so that you get sent details of deals and … [Read more...]