Travis Scores His Driver’s Licence

We had his driver's test scheduled for a few months, so on the morning of his sixteenth birthday, we headed off to get in line at the DMV so Travis could take his driver's test.  We sat in the parking lot and read over the directions several times and pulled into the driving line, as the second car to take the test.  Bobby and I were waiting around the front of the building, looked up and there was Travis driving the car alone out of the testing … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Your Teen Learn to Drive

It is probably one of the most stressful times in your life – when your teenagers get behind the wheel. It may be one of the more exciting moments in your adolescent’s life but you are terrified. You still need to ensure that your child knows how drive properly and safely. Many people report that this one of the most trying periods in the relationship of a parent and child. Both parties are equally nervous about the venture and this may result in … [Read more...]

Kiqplan Personalized Fitness / Training App Review

I received these personalized fitness apps shown in the image below from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Kiqplan is a personalized fitness app that comes with a digital coach, motivating tips and noutritional info. that syncs up with many activity trackers, fitness apps and smartphones.  I don't go anywhere without my Fitbit band, so when Kiqplan approached me about their app that worked hand … [Read more...]

Six Minute Mile – Basketball Team Requirements

Travis is now a freshman in high school and has been working so hard in order to make it on the school basketball team since seventh grade.  This year he made it on the basketball team and practices with his team five days a week.  This week the coach told the basketball team that everyone had to run the mile in under six minutes in order to play.  Everyone that didn't make this time would continue to run the mile each day until they made it … [Read more...]

Did You Get A Christmas Puppy?

We got a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas who is full of energy.  She is the most active puppy that we've ever had!  We've signed up for private puppy training sessions that begin in January.  K9 Obey is coming to our house for an hour each week for four weeks.   The whole family is participating in the training and can't wait for our first lesson.  Check back next week to see my post on our first training session. … [Read more...]