Make Money With or Without Owning A Blog

Most of us have figured out the different ways to save money, but how about finding ways to make some extra money?  Earning some extra cash is always nice, and many people have turned to using the Internet in order to make some extra dough.  One popular way involves blogging.  There are a lot of different ways to make money blogging, but money can also be made online if you don't currently own or manage a blog. However, sometimes that just … [Read more...]

You CAN Make Money Selling Products BUT…

You can make money as a product representative, consultant, advisor, etc. for companies where you purchase a start up kit and receive commissions off the sales you bring in BUT you must make sure that the products that you select are ones that "Fit" with your lifestyle, personality, etc.  For example, I tried selling Avon, and Scentsy, but these products just weren't the right "fit" for me. My Avon Selling Experience When my son was three, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Working Around a Family Life

  (Photo courtesy of: People’s working lives are difficult enough at the best of times, with seemingly endless days for very little pay ruining morale and making you feel worthless, especially when you’re stuck in an office through the glorious summer months, or getting up when it’s dark and going home when it’s…dark! Throw in how little time you get to spend with your family and it’s easy to see why … [Read more...]