Organize Your Errands With Orderly Chic

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and husbands and children are searching for the perfect gift.  Kay McLellan is from Boulder, CO and has the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday.  Also being a mom/designer/entrepreneur, she  has come up with a clever organization solution with her line of (non-white) whiteboards from her brand Orderly Chic.

Orderly Chic’s one-of-a-kind message boards help brighten up any locker, refrigerator or office space with their sleek design, making it an ideal solution for families craving a little organization.  McLellan says that Moms have told her that they like the fact that these boards are practical and stylish.”

The Orderly Chic website and Amazon Store offers Grocery list boards for kitchen and Weekly Calendar for home office, Skulls, Cupcakes and Coffee Cups for mom or locker. and Mirrors and Black list boards for dorms and gifts, and markers.

Orderly Chic products are available online at, check them out.