BagBlaze Giveaway ENDED gave me the opportunity to review one of their purses and I chose the Dionisia Crossbody bag.  It is perfect for adding to my outfit when I need to dress up.   It is very easy to wipe off and is even waterproof.  This wasn’t an aspect that I had planned on reviewing, but a day at Chuckie Cheese with my 6 year old took care of that aspect of the bag.  He loves chocolate milk, so I put the lid on his milk and put it in side my purse while we were playing games.  We ran out of tokens.  I opened my purse to get money in order to buy more tokens and my checkbook and the milk bottle were floating in about 2 inches of chocolate milk!  There’s no telling how long it had been like that and I hadn’t even left a milk trail behind me.  It was an easy clean up and now I know it’s even a kid friendly bag!

The shoulder strap is adjustable, but is very long since this is a crossbody bag.  It is very easy to throw this purse over your body and go.  I chose the black bag, but it also comes in many other colors.  I wanted to try this bag because it said it would hold and iPhone, some BlackBery models, Android phones and more.  I tried it out on my husband’s iPhone, and it will fit, but only if you do not use a bulky case on you iPhone.  As for my Android – Motorola Droid – it is too bid to fit in the special phone slot, but fits fine inside the main purse section.  This purse has a great magnetic closure and a front zipper which securely holds all your credit cards inside when you are digging through the main purse section.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for……BagBlaze is giving away a coupon code so the winner from this giveaway can choose their own purse and also receive free shipping, how good is that? Remember, come back daily to tweet out the giveaway in order to maximize your chances at winning yourself a bag from BagBlaze!!!

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  1. I rarely give myself new purses, but I sure love when I get to review one or win one!
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Feature StoryMy Profile

  2. I like the Ada and the Avelina.
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Feature StoryMy Profile

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Wow–i think my newest purse for myself is a few years old 🙁

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This Dionisia bag would be my choice.

  5. I would like to win a purse as I rarely buy one.

  6. jeannine s says:

    last year

  7. Farida Malik says:

    Umm last time was about a few months ago.

  8. About 1 year ago! Too long! 🙂 n
    Nancy L., Style ‘n Decor Deals! recently posted..And the Winner of the $100 Kohl’s Gift Card Is….My Profile

  9. Gunnilda Quilted Bag in black or red
    Nancy L., Style ‘n Decor Deals! recently posted..And the Winner of the $100 Kohl’s Gift Card Is….My Profile

  10. i actaully had to splurge a few months ago and get a new purse
    Heidi (@AICFans) recently posted..get extra money FREE!!My Profile

  11. the Alyenora
    Heidi (@AICFans) recently posted..get extra money FREE!!My Profile

  12. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    Oh bOy.. it has been a long time.. maybe a year ago.

  13. long long time ago

  14. Three years and it was $6 at Penneys on Clearance.

  15. Orphillia Satchel is one of my favorites for sure! I like that style

    Thank you!

  16. Melanie Morin says:

    I got one about 10 months ago but already need a new one… it’s already scuffed.

  17. It’s been too long to remember 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!
    Cheryl Free recently posted..Columbus Coupon Queen 1K Fan Giveaway (Ends 9/17)My Profile

  18. I like the Hodierna Hobo.
    Cheryl Free recently posted..Lugz Guest Review Giveaway (Ends 9/13)My Profile

  19. Chrystal D says:

    It’s been about a year for me. Money is tight and I can’t afford any luxuries these days!

  20. I love the Yerilda Tote in orange.

  21. earlier this year when kate spade had a sale 🙂
    isis recently posted..Diamond Candles Flash Giveaway! 3 Winners!My Profile

  22. Linda Lansford says:

    I got a purse about 6 months ago

  23. I think the last time I bought a new purse was nearly 2 years ago. Yikes!

  24. Elizabeth J says:

    I bought a new purse at the beginning of the summer

  25. I got a new one at the first of this year.

  26. I like the Estrilda Hobo bag!

  27. …three days ago! 🙂
    Laurie Adams recently posted..Emilie M Handbags Review and DiscountMy Profile

  28. last year

  29. I like the Fannie Hobo in black.
    Laurie Adams recently posted..Melie Bianco Handbag ReviewMy Profile

  30. Elven Johnson says:

    I have only one purse & it was a gift. So I’ve never bought one for myself.

  31. Elven Johnson says:

    Flandrina Tote

  32. i bought myself a purse about 2 years ago

  33. my birthday, last year
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  34. I like the Aldreda Colorblock Messenger bag

  35. i haven’t had a new purse in years

  36. i love the arabella and mandy hobo

  37. last time was…..too long i cant remember now

  38. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I haven’t bought myself a new purse in 4 years.

  39. I won one just a couple months ago, that arrived, this week. But I would love to win another.
    Leah Baird recently posted..Sassy Girl Lingerie GiveawayMy Profile

  40. I like the Barbota Hobo
    Leah Baird recently posted..Sassy Girl Lingerie GiveawayMy Profile

  41. 2 years ago!

  42. Amy Frame Neon Clutch

  43. Linsey Nessen says:

    It has been over a year, i’m in desperate need!

  44. 2 years ago

  45. Vivian Pham says:

    The last time I got ,yself a purse was 3 or 4 years ago. I would love a new stylish one.

  46. Vivian Pham says:

    The Amabila Tote looks lovely.

  47. i love the Aldreda Colorblock Messenger bag

  48. 3 years ago

  49. Marti Parks says:

    I got a new “used” one about a year ago from the Goodwill store.

  50. Marti Parks says:

    I really like the Allyson tote in brown.

  51. my wife purchased one recently for our wedding

  52. my wife likes the allyson tote

  53. I have recently been able to break the new bag a month habit – but going 3 months without a new one has been hard 😉

  54. I really like the galiena tote!

  55. I love the Alieva Damask Tote

  56. tania hobo
    thank u!
    Marie Howard recently posted..Keepin’ Baby Safe with Gateway Baby Gate GiveawayMy Profile

  57. chattie hle hinkle says:

    it been a long time

  58. Stephani King says:

    Last time I got a new purse was when Shopko had a cute one for 90% off! Lol

  59. chattie hle hinkle says:

    allyson tote

  60. I just got a new purse about a week ago. Eek. Shame on me.

    Or, yay me.
    Kristin recently posted..A PlasmaCar for one lucky kiddo! (9/22)My Profile

  61. The Amabila Tote!!!
    Kristin recently posted..“Smart” blogger event signups!My Profile

  62. I think the last new handbag I had was 2 years ago. 🙂 Thank you.

  63. LOL I guess if yard sales count, I bought a purse, rather homely, at a yard sale for $1.

  64. Freida shoulder bag is cool but so are so many others.. 🙂

  65. The last time I bought a new purse was about 1 year ago.

  66. The Brew It With The Keurig Vue’ Giveaway caught my eye.

  67. I really like the Camel color Muriel Shoulder Bag.

  68. Angela Cash says:

    I like the Emma Shoulder Bag.

  69. Angela Cash says:

    LOL the last “purse” I bought was a vintage Swiss Army military bag.

  70. It’s been a few years.

  71. I really like the Beatrice Tote!

  72. The purse I currently have is over 2 years old 🙁

  73. I like the Edith Tote

  74. Kayla Black says:

    I can’t remember the last time I got a new purse, when I get one, it’s from the thrift store

  75. Kayla Black says:

    My favorite is the Brett Hobo

  76. kathy pease says:

    I havent bought a purse for 2 or 3 years now

  77. kathy pease says:

    I love the pink Corinna Satchel

  78. Stephanie Linza says:

    About a year ago!

  79. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    Its been at least two years since I bought a bag :/

  80. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    I love the tina shoulder bag!

  81. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I bought a bright yellow leather purse last summer. Love it and it knocks my eyes out. It also makes it harder to loose it. LOL

  82. My current bag is 4 years old
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..3rd party candidatesMy Profile

  83. The hobo style catches my eye- which one? all of the above. 😉
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..3rd party candidatesMy Profile

  84. christal c w says:

    It has been 4 yrs since I bought a purse

  85. christal c w says:

    I like the bonnie tote

  86. Angela Neynaber says:

    The last time I bought a purse was November 2008 when I went to California for vacation.

  87. It has been a long time since I purchased a new purse

  88. shanta spradlin says:

    I like the Beatrice Tote

  89. LUCINDA HABEL says:

    Not in over a yr!

  90. I got a new denim one about a year ago and it is pretty worn out (and too small)

  91. I like the Camila hobo.

  92. susan smoaks says:

    my newest purse is six months old, so it’s been a long time

  93. I splurged on two a few months ago!
    Susan Climan recently posted..A (Somewhat) Rainy Weekend in Key WestMy Profile

  94. The Alyenora Hobo bag
    Susan Climan recently posted..A (Somewhat) Rainy Weekend in Key WestMy Profile

  95. Jennifer Reed says:

    I bought myself a new purse last February but I would love a new one.

  96. I bought a new-to-me secondhand purse last week

  97. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    Last Year, it’s been awhile!

  98. Mindy McCrea says:

    About 6 months ago, it was just from Target though, like $20.

  99. Robert Pyszk says:

    agatha satchel is what catches my eye

  100. about 6 months ago I bought a new one at Goodwill

  101. vikki Billings says:

    It was over three years ago

  102. Alicia Ponce says:

    I like a few styles , Estrilda Hobo bag is one of them.

  103. The last time I got myself a purse was over a year and a half ago.

  104. I love the Ascelina Hobo in red.

  105. I love bags but I only buy at thrift stores since they are so expensive. Last time I got one was about 8 months ago.

  106. i like the Bonnie tote bag.

  107. I like all of the hobos.

  108. Sarah Yurga says:

    I occasionally get a purse as a gift, but I haven’t bought one in years

  109. I bought a pretty bag this month.

  110. Marcy Strahan says:

    I bought one from the corner gas station about 3 months ago. Yeah, they sell these purses with lots of Bling on them. I got one with a big gothic cross on it.

  111. Marcy Strahan says:

    My first choise is the Holly Tote & I also loved the Gertie Shoulder Bag!

  112. rebecca day says:

    about 9 months ago

  113. It has been a long time since I bought myself a new purse

  114. I like the Amabilia tote
    Christine Jensen recently posted..The Most Important Catch Blog TourMy Profile