Organized With Google Calendar On The Go

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Are you one of those people who just LOVE to write everything down in your calendar and stay as organized as possible?  Me too!  Do you have a calendar that is just a little too big or heavy and you hate taking it with you everywhere because it weighs your purse down?  Guess what?  Me too! However, I have found the solution!

I use Google calendar on my phone to keep track of appointments, reminders, ideas, play-dates, get-togethers, etc.  It’s actually very simple to use, and you can even set up reminders for days before, hours before, even minutes before your upcoming event to help keep you on schedule!


One of the better features of Google calendar is the ability to send events to friends in the form of an invite.  You can email it to them from the calendar, and all they have to do is “Accept” the invitation and the event is automatically added to their calendar as well!  This makes keeping track of anything on the go so much easier!

I like to use this feature on my phone because if I am paying for a high-tech fancy (and don’t forget expensive!) device, I like to take advantage of all it has to offer!  By using your calendar on your phone, you stay organized and you can plan events on the spot and invite your friends and family immediately.  I find this most helpful when talking to a group of moms who want to plan a get-together as soon as possible.  Personally, if I write something down on a piece of paper as a reminder to plan something and throw that paper in my purse, I will most likely never see it again or just completely forget that I ever wrote anything down in the first place.  If you are looking for an easy calendar to use to stay organized, try the Google calendar on your phone!


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