Combatting Clutter – Get Organized!



Do you need a few tips on combating clutter in your home?  Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to clean out and clean up!  If you can add organization into that, your home will look great when you are done!

If you have any jewelry boxes laying around (the flat cardboard kind you find at craft stores or dollar stores), insert them into your “junk drawer” and use them to organize pens, pencils, lipsticks or whatever else you keep in there!  These are also great for bathroom drawers to organize hair ties, clips, etc.

If you have any baby food jars lying around, you can use these to hold screws, nails, bolts, etc.  Take the lids and superglue them to the underside of a surface near where you store your tools, then twist the jars into place.  You can keep any small screws or nails in one convenient place and it does not take up any countertop space!


If you need a way to organize scarves and purses in your closet and you have open space on your closet bar, grab some shower curtain hooks and attach them to the bar and hang your purses and scarves on them!  This prevents a huge pile of purses on your closet floor, and it allows you to keep an inventory of what you already have.

Something that we all probably have in our homes but are not sure how to store them without taking up a ton of room is plastic grocery bags. These are great for bathroom and bedroom trashcans, but they are a pain to store. One great tip I heard about was putting them in empty tissue boxes or cut a hole in the side of a clean, empty 2 Liter bottle!  You can store it underneath your sink and just pull out a bag when you need it!  If you  need a slimmer alternative, you can put some in a paper towel tube and store that in a drawer or under the sink as well.

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