To Do List Before Kids Are Home From Summer


Each year at this time, I am in a go, go, go mode to get everything done before kids are out for the summer.  Get ready, get set, go…. prepare yourself for the Summer.

Personal Appointments:

Any type of personal appointments such as dental, long lasting hair appointments, etc. need to be done so the kids aren’t required to sit in a waiting room for long periods of time.


I also like to buy my bathing suit and summer clothing at this time since it takes me forever in dressing rooms trying on clothing to find shorts.  I went on a three hour shopping spree earlier this week and still didn’t find the shorts that I was looking for.  I would love to be able to find the thicker denim jeans, but I was told by many stores that the stretch material has taken over and they don’t carry “true” denim any longer.

Early Bird Season Passes:

This is also the time to purchase season passes for waterparks, etc. because there are usually many early bird opportunities for discounts if you purchase before the Summer hits.

Baby Sitters:

If you think that you may need the help of a baby sitter over the Summer, begin asking around now.  It’s good to have a game plan in place in case an emergency arises.

Household Projects:

It’s also a great idea to close up any household projects such as painting, before the kids get out of school.  Sometimes, jobs turn out much better when you can focus and work on them alone.

Enjoy the Summer, it will be here before you know it, so get prepared.

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