Aquis Super Absorbent Hair Towels Make Great Gifts!

I was given this Aquis bundle from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I couldn't wait to test out the Aquis towels above, my boys and I always leave the shower with dripping wet hair.  We have thick hair and no one wants to take the time to use a hair dryer.  By the time we've dried off, then dried our hair, our towel is thoroughly wet, so off we go to air dry.  This doesn't bother any of us … [Read more...] American-Made Cleaning Products

The items seen below were given to me by to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Check out the American-made cleaning products from shown in the photo above.  They have a plant-based all-glass cleaner, a plant-based all-purpose cleaner and a dirt erasing power sponge.  I have reviewed items for them in the past and have been waiting for these cleaning products to become … [Read more...] Has Monthly Memberships For Everyone

  Have you heard about  It is a gift of the month club that has many options to choose from such as pie, bath & boy, wine, bacon sampler, coffee with biscotti, tea with biscotti, healthy harvest, pizza, ravioli and antipasto. Just looking through these options has sent many ideas running through my head.  I would love to receive a pie each month, but since I am trying to watch my weight, I may be better off with a … [Read more...]

Rent Those Textbooks & SAVE

WooHoo, it's almost that time again!  Time to regain focus and start hitting the books again at college.  There's so many things to do before school gets started back up again?  Have you ran through your budget lately?  Have you found ways to save money on all the upcoming college expenses?  Buying textbooks always took a HUGE amount of money from my college budget.  It just makes you sick to spend so much on books, to resell them for little to … [Read more...]

Tips For Saving On Gas

With school starting up again soon, we have been extremely busy running errands and getting some last-minute trips done and out of the way.  This requires a lot of traveling, so we have been spending a ton of money on gas and drinks/snacks while on the road.  I realized that some gas stations, such as Mapco, have deals where if you buy a drink, you get so much off of the price of gas per gallon.  For example, if you buy one of their refillable … [Read more...]

P&G’s Stock Up & Save event: Wal-Mart GiftCard #Giveaway ENDS 4/27

I was given a Wal-Mart gift card to use in purchasing qualifying items from the Wal-mart Stock Up and Save Event to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are my own.  The Wal-Mart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. It's that time again.... time for the Wal-Mart Stock Up and Save event!  How many times do you head out to the store per week?  Save yourself some time and money by shopping the Wal-Mart Stock Up … [Read more...]

Online Savings PERK: Rent Textbooks

Are you or someone in your household currently in school or ready to get started soon?  If so, have you ever thought about renting your textbooks online?  Check out the video below to see how this works: There are many perks to renting your textbooks online.  First of all this is a great way to save money on some of the many college fees that you will endure throughout your college career.  With rented textbooks from Campus Book Rentals, you can … [Read more...]

Create A Nursery For Less

Child’s room – A Place Where New Memories Begin...... At some point in our lives, we all start thinking about starting a family.  It might be a cute baby that we saw in a restaurant the other day or a pair of those small pink baby shoes that made us think about starting a family.  And especially when we feel that we find the right person to create that family with, the thoughts do not leave us alone even if we feel that we are not ready yet. … [Read more...] Offers Sales Thru 12/1

Don't miss out on the deals over at!  I've been browsing their site today and found lots of great deals that will be running for the rest of the weekend.  Make sure that you take a few minutes to check these out. has personalized gifts for everyone at affordable prices even without the sales! Sales for Friday, 11/28 only:  Get 20% off any order site-wide using the following code at checkout: … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Benefits – Are They For You?

Are you a frequent shopper on  Do you normally buy tons of items but HATE the shipping charges?  How about movies and TV shows?  Do you normally rent them through Redbox or your local movie store?  Are you an e-book reader?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these (more is better!), you should consider signing up for Amazon Prime! Amazon Prime is a service Amazon offers and it is very beneficial.  There are many freebies that come … [Read more...]

My Bed Bath & Beyond Accepts Outdated Coupon Mailers

  Make sure to save the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon mailers that come in your mail box.  I have found that my area Bed, Bath and Beyond store accepts outdated coupons, so I save them all and use them for all my Bed, Bath and Beyond purchases.  My local store will even let you purchase your item, bring your receipt back with your coupon  and redeem your savings at a later time if you should need to purchase but don’t have your coupon … [Read more...]

Health Beauty Life Box Review

I was given a Health Beauty Life Box to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are my own. Don't you love the outside of this box?  The Health Beauty Life Like it, Love it, Want it Box was definitely a fun box to find on my front porch! We opened the HealthBeautyLife box and it had all sorts of great products coming out of it.  Check out the picture below to see a close up of everything.  Health Beauty Life … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Coupons Overwhelm You

Using coupons can be overwhelming if you have too many and don’t know what to do with them. I have a few tips on how you can get them clipped quickly, keep them organized, and never forget them at home when you head to the store! Every Sunday when you receive your paper with coupons, look through the inserts and decide what you will use and will not use. Cut the ones you will use and pass the rest to friends or family. You don’t want to just … [Read more...]

Houston Rodeo Carnival Tickets HALF PRICE SALE Ends 2/28

Every year my family and I count down the days until the Houston Rodeo comes to town!  This year's 2014 dates will be March 4 - 23 and we can't wait! We like to visit the Houston Rodeo Livestock Show, do some shopping, check out the concerts and watch the rodeo.  The night time is when the Houston Rodeo Carnival fun begins and my kids LOVE to spend tons of tickets.  Finally I found the secret behind being able to afford tons of Houston Rodeo … [Read more...]

Software Deals From

Are you familiar with  They are wrapping up 2013 with the kickoff of their Christmas Giveaway and Lifetime deals. offers software such as the Blue-ray Ripper, Tunes Cleaner, iTransfer, Blu-ray Copy, iOS Data Recovery, Blu-ray Creator, Blu-ray Player and Music Recorder.  This software can be used to convert your media and also back it up on your computer, iTunes, etc.  The Apple Pack cleans up your iPhone, iPad and your … [Read more...]

Find UK Deals on

UK Deals Are Featured On Since we are all filling our holiday shopping lists, this is the perfect timing for the launch of  This is a shopping website which shares live sale and promotions from multiple UK retailers.  This site is even set up to alert shoppers to certain sales which in turn saves shoppers money on purchases and helps them find great deals.  The Fusion Boutique will even have its' own … [Read more...]