Ribbon Crafts For July 4th

Ah, summer. We all know what that means. School's out, the sun is shining, your kids are begging to go to the pool, and all the stores are filled with adorable patriotic gear that you can't enough of. I know, friends. I've been there too. Here are some of the ways I'm thinking of using all the red, white, and blue ribbon I've found so far (because if I've got a crafty way to use it, it's not a waste of money, right?) Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Easy Spring Crafts To Enjoy With Your Kids

Spring is here, and it is the best season for crafting.  After all, who doesn’t love cheerful pastels, fresh blooms and adorable little bunnies?  This year, add some extra excitement to your springtime crafting sessions by getting your kids involved.  Creating beautiful spring décor is a great way to teach your kids some crafting skills while bonding as a family.  From festive door decorations to awesome egg art, here are the top craft projects … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

There are tons of ways to bring the holiday spirit to the holidays, however one of my favorite ways is decorating, especially DIY decorating!  This really helps me get in the spirit by being creative, and can be a fun activity to do with friends or family.  Photo Credit:  www.mnn.com Here are some easy, cheap holiday decorations you can easily make at home: At least here in Texas, pinecones are never in short supply.  You do not have to … [Read more...]

DIY Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

It is that time of year again, ladies (and gents!) - the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and cool, Halloween is over and thoughts of sugar plums are dancing in everyone's heads.  Many stores have already had Christmas decorations up for weeks, much to the chagrin of many shoppers.  However, why rush it?  Let's have some fun before the lights go up and celebrate Thanksgiving with these festive crafts! Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Basketball Themed Desk Was A Success!

I bought this old desk on a local resale website for $35.  As our realtor would say, it had "good bones."   My youngest has been asking for a study desk and doesn't have much extra room for a desk and this one fit perfectly.    It was real wood, but needed repainted and some knobs that were more suitable for a nine year old boy.  I figured that I couldn't go wrong with this $35 desk.  If he grew tired of it and didn't use it, then I could always … [Read more...]

DIY Recipe: Pine Floor Cleaner

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to give your no-wax floors a pine-fresh smell.  This DIY cleaner will do the job for only a few cents per floor!  Note: Since soap flakes are not widely available, please be prepared to grate your own soap bar.  It only takes a minute or so! You will need: ½ cup of soap flakes (remember, you may need to grate your own) ¼ cup of washing soda 1 cup of salt 2 cups of water 2 teaspoons of pine … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Green Aloe Moisturizer #DIY

Beauty products are fun to buy, but they can get pretty expensive if you buy them often.  Instead of purchasing your beauty products, have you ever considered trying to make them?  If you have never made a beauty product before, here’s a fun one to start out with!  For a very low price, you can cook up this body lotion that has aloe vera, and antioxidant, as its primary ingredient. Photo Credit:  www.aloeverachangeslives.com You can … [Read more...]

Re-String Your Lawn Chairs

We have had our lawn chairs for three years now and I was upset to see that the chair above was beginning to fall apart.  The chair hasn't faded and still looks great except for the cording that has dried out and is falling apart.  I can remember re-stringing lawn chairs as a child, but I didn't know if these could be re-strung or if I'd have to replace them with new chairs. Lucky for me, I found replacement cords on Amazon.  I couldn't … [Read more...]

Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Treatments

You might have a built-in spa in your home and not even know it!  Have you ever heard of a Milk Foot Soak?  Just add 4 cups of warmed whole milk, two tablespoons of Epsom salt and six drops of your favorite essential oil.  I really love Lemon essential oil!  It smells amazing and it has a natural relaxing factor to it.  After mixing your ingredients, let your feet soak for twenty minutes. Your feet will thank you! Do you have some stains on … [Read more...]

DIY Skin Lightening Recipe (for dark spots)

Do you have dark spots on your body that kind of appeared out of nowhere?  Something I recently learned is that dead skin cells can cause your skin to look darker than it actually is in certain areas.  This usually affects your under arms and your knees.  I have found a simple recipe to lighten the skin naturally.  Check it out below. You will need: A sliced cucumber  2 tablespoons of olive oil  1 tablespoon of baking soda  3 … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Greeting Card Craft

Do you any old greeting cards lying around and you do not know what to do with them?  How about some canning jars and lids?  If so, I have a great craft for you!! You will need: Scissors Canning jars and lids Greeting cards As you can see, this craft does not require many supplies so it does not require much time either!  First, take your greeting card and trace the inner lid of the canning jar on to the focal point.  Cut your … [Read more...]

DIY: Sensory Toys For Toddlers

If you have young children at home, such as babies or toddlers, you know that they like to stick everything in their mouths.  You also know that babies and toddlers need to learn sensory skills as they get older.  You can easily make your own sensory discovery bottles with just a few supplies. You will need: A plastic bottle with a well fitting lid Some super glue Some contents to go in your bottle such as buttons, sequins or … [Read more...]

Recycled Tin Can Windsocks Craft

Do you have some old soup cans or coffee cans sitting around?  A lot of people like to recycle theirs, but sometimes we do not have any recycle centers close by.  If that is the case, take them and make a fun windsock out of them! You will need: Paint Paintbrushes Tin cans Glue Colorful ribbons Any extra embellishments you want to use to decorate your windsock with, such as glitter, sequins, gemstones, stickers, … [Read more...]

DIY: Lavender Detox Bath Recipe

If you are lucky enough to have time to take a bath, share your secret!  Just kidding, you will love this lavender detox bath recipe.  You can buy detox bath kits at the store that are already put together and ready to go, but they can get a little pricey.  Instead, try making your own and save a lot of money!  A detox bath helps to flush out toxins from your body and it's also great to use if you are starting to get sick with a cold or any other … [Read more...]

DIY Wind Chime Using Keys

If you have some old keys lying around, put them to good use and have some fun with them! Wind chimes are so much fun to make, especially with old keys.  They make the perfect sound when the wind hits them just right and the kids will have a blast making their own personalized wind chime! For this craft you will need: A stick or a small piece of drift wood At least 5 keys Some string Acrylic Paint (although this is optional, it just … [Read more...]

DIY Plastic Grocery Sack Storage

The kitchen, aside from the living room, is usually the central area of a home and it is the area that tends to get the most cluttered and unorganized since every single member in the household uses it.  We tend to keep a lot of items in the kitchen in case we need them later, but eventually we run out of space. If you are like me, you collect plastic grocery bags.  They are great for smaller trashcans that we keep in the bathrooms, next … [Read more...]