Dyslexia Parent Meeting At School

My youngest has dyslexia and has improved so much since the school diagnosed him last year in the middle of second grade.  He receives dsylexia training on a daily basis during the school day and can now read on his grade level.  I am so proud of him for trying so hard!  Awhile back the school offered a dyslexia meeting for the parents.  The meeting was packed with a great turnout and was very informative.  They showed us short movies and went … [Read more...]

Our High School Basketball Season Is Over

This year's basketball season was great!  My son was on the Sophomore Woodlands's High School basketball team and they scored many victories throughout the season.  Above you can see where he just made his free throw and the team is after the ball.  It happened so quickly, that I was able to catch him still on his tip toes from jumping as he shot the ball.  These were my favorite photos throughout the season.  Each time he shot a free throw, I … [Read more...]

After School Activities For Kids

Do your children have after school activities?  If your children are old enough, do you stay with them and watch practice or do you run errands while they are with their coaches?  If it is my teen, I drop him off and pick him back up once practice is over.  Now that he is a sophomore and many of his teammates are now of driving age, it would be embarrassing for him if his mother sat in the stands and watched his practices.  For my third grade … [Read more...]

Sophomore Highlander’s Basketball Game

This past Friday night my son's team played a local rival team and it was a fast paced game from start to finish.  Above you'll see our team gearing up before the game started.  I never thought I'd be a basketball fan, but now I am a die hard.  My heart was racing so fast watching this game, especially when my son dove for a ball and was kicked in the head.  I came out of my chair screaming which of course was caught on my husband's video he was … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Books #Giveaway ENDS 12/14

I received the following National Geographic book bundle to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Look at this amazing book bundle from National Geographic!  This entire book lot totals to a huge retail value of $1,215.00 and is featured in an awesome giveaway on BlogWithMom.com.  Read through the review and don't forget to bookmark this post and get your extra entries in by tweeting the giveaway out daily. If you … [Read more...]

Digital Media Academy Holiday Camp Promo Code Ends 11/24/15

Have you heard of DMA or Digital Media Academy?  My boys would love this holiday tech camp!  Check out the photo above, both of my boys would be all over this!  Holiday breaks can be great fun for some, while so boring for those that are bored at home with nothing to do while their parents are off to work.  It's time to get those kids off the couch and registered into a beneficial holiday program such as DMA.  Right now DMA is offering a $120 … [Read more...]

School Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school.  Each day of the week has a different theme. Monday's theme was "Drug Ruins Dreams." On this day, the kids could wear pajamas to school. Tuesday's theme was "Hairs to a Drug Free Life." This was Crazy Hair Day.  Bobby was thrilled about this day, he wanted to test out the blue hair color we found in our hall closet while we were decluttering. Wednesday's theme was "Red Out," where the … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Skills Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Kindergarten skills post!  Are you ready?   Will your child be entering kindergarten next year? Opening and inserting straws can go along with number six in the last post, but it needs its own section.  If your child brings juice boxes to school, they will need to know how to open the straw and insert it into their juice box. Zipping up their coats in the winter is especially important.  If a teacher has to zip up … [Read more...]

Does Your School Participate In The Fun Run?

Bobby was very excited to sign up to participate in the annual school Fun Run!  All third and fourth graders are elgible to run in this event.  Bobby has been waiting for two years to run in this event and was so excited to particpate.  I am thrilled that my kids like to participate in physical fitness activities, you can see that by the picture that I took above.  Bobby was running past me the first time and I must have snapped the picture too … [Read more...]

Skills To Practice Before Entering Kindergarten

There are a few skills you may want to work with your child on before they enter kindergarten.  Please note that children develop at different rates, but these are still fun to do with your child regardless! Work with children on dressing themselves.  If something happens with your child at school and they have to change their clothes, they will probably want to do it themselves.  This includes shirts, shorts, pants, underwear and … [Read more...]

Apple Tree Craft

Do you have a young child at home who loves arts and crafts?  Teach them how to make apple trees!  This is such a simple craft that requires barely any materials but your kids will love making them!  Please note that scissors are required for this craft, so use your discretion on what you will allow your child to do on their own. You will need: Green tissue paper A red marker Empty toilet paper tubes (or paper towel tubes if you … [Read more...]

Gymnastics Isn’t Just For Girls

There is a stigma with gymnastics.  Most people think it is only for girls; however, there are many benefits for boys in gymnastics as well.  Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle sports available to children because it incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, speed, discipline, etc. Gymnastics teaches children how hard work and dedication pays off.  These positive experiences can build confidence through achievement and … [Read more...]

Bird Feeder Wreath Craft

Here is a fun craft that you and your child(ren) can make! Have you ever made your own bird feeder? I am sure you have heard about the pinecone and peanut butter feeders, but this one is a step up from that! This is a bird feeder wreath!  Photo credit:  www.todayshomeowner.com Here is what you will need: 1/3 cup of fresh cranberries 1/3 cup of pumpkin seeds 1/3 cup of almonds 4 cups of bird seed ½ cup of gelatin mixed with ¼ cup of … [Read more...]

James Harden Basketball Pro Camp

My boys attended a few camps this past summer, but the James Harden ProCamp was by far my nine year old's favorite.  He loves watching the Houston Rockets play basketball so meeting James Harden was the perfect opportunity for him. Here's the man himself... James Harden of the Houston Rockets Basketball Team.  He attended the camp and interacted with the campers throughout the duration of the two day camp.  He even gave away his shoes on … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Child To Open Their Locker

Do lockers intimidate your child?  It's that time again, time for school to start back up.  School has started back for many students and will continue to start back up for families over the next few weeks.  Will your child have a locker with a combination this year?  Are they a little nervous about this? Being a rush to get to class or get your things out before the bus takes off from school can be stressful.  Lockers can be intimidating … [Read more...]

Halloween Mummy Jars – Get Prepared

Even though Halloween is still a few months away, I love getting ready for Halloween crafts ahead of time so I can go ahead and start collecting the supplies I need. Mummies are creepy and cool at the same time, and they are a lot of fun to make!  Photo Credit:  www.whilehewasnapping.com Here’s what you will need: Glass canning jars (I always see a ton at our local Goodwill/thrift store) Paintbrush Medical gauze Mod podge or … [Read more...]