You Can Stay Energized Throughout The Day

Not an energetic person?  You could be!  Here are some tips to help you acclimate to mornings a little better, which will result in you having more energy throughout the day: Do not hit the snooze button!  Hitting the snooze button makes it even harder to get up.  You end up falling back asleep, pretty quickly, but five minutes later you are woken up again which will result in grogginess and irritation.  That is not a good way to start the … [Read more...]

It’s Early – Watch Halloween Candy Intake

Are you hungry? Is your sweet tooth just begging for something tasty? STOP! DO NOT FALL INTO TEMPTATION AT THE LOCAL GROERY STORE BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE HALLOWEEN CANDY OUT ALREADY! Did I get your attention? Good! Now that the shelves are already filled with Halloween candy, people are more tempted to grab a bag “just because” during their routine grocery shopping trip. Most of this candy will be ‘snack size’ and a lot of us can be guilty of … [Read more...]

Kiqplan Personalized Fitness / Training App Review

I received these personalized fitness apps shown in the image below from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Kiqplan is a personalized fitness app that comes with a digital coach, motivating tips and noutritional info. that syncs up with many activity trackers, fitness apps and smartphones.  I don't go anywhere without my Fitbit band, so when Kiqplan approached me about their app that worked hand … [Read more...]

Simple Preworkout Food Combos

I have listed a few different pre-workout food combinations you can eat before specific workouts.  These will fuel your energy and keep you going longer. If you plan on walking for a while, try eating one medium sized pear and ½ an ounce of sharp cheddar cheese.  100 to 200 calories with a mix of carbs, protein and fat offsets hunger and helps muscles stride longer. If you are going to go running, eat ½ cup each of oats and blueberries … [Read more...]

Helpful or Harmful: Juice Cleanse

I have always heard positive things about juice cleanses until recently.  Juice cleanses can actually have some negative effects on your body: Mood Swings:   Without the carbs, fat and protein your body needs to make the neurotransmitters that keep you even-keeled, anticipate some irritability.  That is usually the last thing I want to happen while trying to lose weight. Muscle Shrinkage: Your body does not know it is missing out on … [Read more...]

Restaurant Dining: Save Money & Calories

You can save on money and calories at your favorite restaurants if you can adjust your eating. In order to do this, you will need to consider the following: Sharing an entre' with someone at your table. Which is your favorite: appetizers or an entre' of your choice? This adjustment took me awhile to get used to, but now I make these restaurant choices each time we dine out.  I used to eat tons of appetizers, then was pretty much full … [Read more...]

Are You On A Healthy Living Journey?

Are you on a journey for healthy living?  Here's a quick checklist to help you along the way! Eat clean: Eat real, whole foods.  Eat brain-boosting foods such as fish.  Think about the rainbow when planning your meals.  You want a colorful plate! Choose high-quality lean proteins.  Buy chemical-free foods. Most importantly, drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and cook more!  Stop going out so often – most restaurant foods are full of … [Read more...]

Practice Yoga To Improve Posture

Your posture is very important.  To maintain good posture is important so that you do not end up chronically hunched over.  You can fix your posture in just a few minutes with 3 simple yoga poses. Are you ready? The first pose is the Mountain pose: Stand with your feet about hip distance apart and parallel to each other.  Keep your shoulders wide and relaxed.  Align your head so your chin is parallel to the floor, and the crown of your … [Read more...]

We Attended A Family Spinning Class

My youngest son and I went to a spinning class today at the gym.  It was a family class that allowed kids ages 10 and up.  It was both of our first times in a spinning class and we were both excited to try it out.  When we first got there, we asked for help setting up our bikes and the instructor checked my son's height to make sure that he could sit on the bike properly.  He fit perfectly and after a brief run down of the bike and the class … [Read more...]

Pranamat Therapeutic Massage Mat Review

I received this Pranamat Eco therapeutic massage mat from for use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.  Checkout the Pranamat ECO, even the packaging is fun!  They had many great colors  of Pranamats to choose from, but the turquoise really caught my eye.  I couldn't wait to start working on this review since this would be my first experience with a therapeutic massage mat. Here's a look at the … [Read more...]

Aurorae Eye Mask #Review #Giveaway ENDS 7/30

I received an eye mask from Aurorae to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Have you ever seen the movie Matilda? If so, you have seen the eye mask (or sleeping mask) Matilda’s mother wears at night.  Have you ever tried one?  I have a friend who used one during her pregnancy and it did wonders for her. She has problems letting her brain “shut down” so it usually takes her hours to fall asleep.  If you have ever … [Read more...]

Use Your Driveway For A Workout

If you read my blog often, you know that I like to go to the gym on a weekly basis.  This past weekend, we visited family which kept me away from the gym, so I thought I'd share my "home" workout with you.  If you do not live in an area with walking trails, driveways come in handy for daily walking/jogging depending on their size / layout. In order to beat the summer heat, it is best to go for your walk early in the morning.  If you are not a … [Read more...]

Music Adds Energy To Family Workouts

Summer is here and it is now much harder to go to the gym and keep in line with your regular workout schedule.  In order to stay in shape over the summer months, you need to find ways to involve your family in your workouts in order to fit your workout time into your hectic summer schedule. When is the last time you invited your child to workout alongside you?  Come up with a fun workout for you and your child to do throughout the week. … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking To A Workout Routine Part 2

Remember part 1? Well this is part 2! Let’s get started!  We talked about 7 tips to help you start and stick to a workout routine in part 1. Here are 7 more tips to keep you on track: Get your family involved.  Both my kids love to workout and go on bike rides with their dad.  Working out is more fun when you have a partner and this is really a must if you plan to workout throughout the summer if you have children that are home with you. … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking With A Workout Routine (Part 1)

It can be really hard to stick to your workout routine, especially when you are just starting out.  Sometimes we get too sore or too tired and we decide to skip a day.  Well, before you know it you have skipped 3 days in a row and then decided to quit all together.  I have 14 tips that will help you to start and stick with your workout routine.  This is part 1. Part 2 will come later on. One of the best tips I have ever received is to throw … [Read more...]

Advocare 10 Day Group Cleanse Started 6/1

I am an Advocare Advisor and have always wanted to try the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse but have been holding out for the flavorless fiber and now it's here, so I rounded up four friends who were up for a challenge.  We set up a group text message and chose a great start date that worked well for everyone.  We all ordered our herbal cleanse system and made sure to take time to read the directions and get to the grocery before we all … [Read more...]