Jessica’s Account: My Husband Is A Marine

Military wives are tough!  I know many of them and asked Jessica if she would write a post about life as a military wife - Enjoy! Article written by Jessica from My husband is a United States Marine. He has been in the Marine Corps for almost four years, and he is currently serving on his third deployment. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan, Yemen, and currently Japan. We have been a couple for over four years, but … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 4 Reasons To Invest In San Antonio Real Estate

My husband and I own rental properties, so this guest post caught my interest when I found it in my inbox.  As of now, we only purchase homes within driving distance from our personal home, but in the future it would be adventurous to spread out a little.  San Antonio is close enough to us that we visit there a few times a year, so why not invest in their real estate if the prices are right.  Don't let past upheavals in the housing industry … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 3 Companies That Put Revenue Back Into the Community

Often, when there's a discussion about companies putting revenue back into the community, most of the conversation seems to focus on large corporations and millions of dollars.  However, in reality, many small businesses are noticeably impacting their communities, although they may be unable to match the donations of large corporations.  Small business owners are aware of the benefits of giving back and are also getting their employees involved. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Become A Good Example To Your Children

Being a good role model to your kids is very important.  Whether you like it or not, you will become an example to your kids, be it in a good way or bad way.  Even if you choose not to be an example, by that of itself is still an example.  Thus, if you are going to become an example to your kids, then why not become a good example, right?  In this post, let us go through some of the best ways to become a good example to your kids. Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 5 Creative Ways to Hang Your Frames

Framed prints have a way of making your house feel like a home. When you see your framed picture hanging on the wall, it can instill a sense of pride in both your home and your family.  There are many ways to accent your walls with framed portraits, and below are five ways to display your frames. 1. A large center framed picture can be a focal point of the room, and smaller prints on either side can give an added dimension. For example, a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Your Family Vacation on a Budget

This was perfect timing for the following guest post with it being Spring Break.  Do you have any getaway plans in mind? A family vacation is a time when everyone can gather together without the stresses of work, school and daily life.  If only for a few days, this time away from home should be enjoyable instead of being spent thinking about money. There are several ways to go on a vacation on a budget if you plan ahead.  Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Swimming Is A Beneficial Exercise Routine

6 Ways Swimming Is One of the Most Beneficial Exercise Routines Swimming is a great team or individual sport. In most areas across the country, it is easy to find a place to swim, whether it is outdoors or at an indoor sport’s center. Each year, more people recognize the numerous benefits of swimming as an exercise. In fact, these seven facts show the top six reasons why swimming is one of the most beneficial exercise routines for all … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Goodbye Fast Food, 10 Quick Healthy Meal Ideas

Enjoy this guest post that was sent to me by one of my UK buddies.  Check out the food selection, are these meals ones that are frequently whipped up in your kitchen? One of the keys to healthy eating is to try to minimize the amount of take out food that you pick up during the week.  Delicious as they are, curries, pizzas and hamburgers are normally rammed with bad calories – fine as an occasional treat, but best to be avoided regularly. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Total Backyard Makeover

I just received the following guest post in my email today.  I had to share it with you because the thought of having a backyard makeover is so much fun.  We have a pool and we do like it, but the pool took our yard space and our backyard is comprised of concrete deck, pool and a very small grass area.  It would be awesome to be able to have a backyard makeover before the summer time gets here.  Hopefully you'll find a few good ideas from it - … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Protect Your Home Against Intruders

Suggestions for Protecting Your Home against Intruders With home ownership comes the responsibility of protecting that home.  When parents search for the right home for their present or future children, they must look beyond the simple aesthetic value, the square footage, whether or not the basement is finished, and the status of the kitchen in the house. For each parent, home security should come first.  The path to a secured and safe home … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Team Building Activities For Kids Central

Now that football season is gone, my boys can always use extra "fun" things to keep them active.  Enjoy the following guest post, my boys especially liked the "Human Beat Box." Hello! It's Matt from Team Building Activities for Kids Central.  With many of us slogging through the winter months and spending a lot of time inside, we've been thinking about how to pass the time and spend some quality time with the kids.  So we put together some of … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Mommy DIY Hairstyles

This guest post was sent in by Victoria, one of our friends from the UK.  Enjoy! Good Looking Mothers: Mummy DIY Hairstyles When you become a mother, vanity and glamour take a back seat and yet, despite being sleep deprived and having to deal with an even bigger pile of things to do.  Every mother is first concerned about their children and they’d put their children’s needs above their own aesthetic ambitions.  But one can be a mother as … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 6 Professional House Cleaning Tips To Clean Like A Pro

I hope you enjoy the following guest post.  I am horrible when it comes to cleaning and just hate to do it so whenever I have a chance to share house cleaning tips, I jump on it.  The holidays are coming and many of us have company coming which means it is time to get to cleaning! 6 Professional House Cleaning Tips To Clean Like A Pro Cleaning your house without professional house cleaning help can be intimidating ––so much so that it is … [Read more...]

Guest Post Tips: Teach Kids to Love Exercise

Every adult knows that exercise is absolutely necessary to maintain good health, but health is something kids seldom think about. As a parent, it is important to cultivate in your kids the habits of exercising and being active. If exercise becomes a way of life for your kids, it will be much easier for them as adults to continue being active, and they will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. Here’s how to teach your kids to love … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Best and Worst Eye Healthy Cities For Kids

Enjoy the following guest post:  VSP Vision Care Reveals:  Best and Worst Eye Healthy Cities for Kids written by William Bogus, OD, FAAO, VSP Vision Care Optometrist, Salt Lake City.  For more information about children’s eye health, visit As parents, we always strive to protect our children’s health.  We protect their shins when they play soccer, their skin when they’re on the beach, and we never skip out on annual wellness … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 5 Advantages Of Being Musical

Did you play a musical instrument as a child?  Do your children play any musical instruments or have an interest in learning to play one?  I played a trumpet in my school band and later gave that same trumpet to my oldest who went on to play it in 5th and sixth grade.  Being able to read music has always been an advantage for me, so I just had to share this guest post when I found it in my email.  Enjoy! 5 Advantages of Being Musical There is a … [Read more...]