Houston Area Flood Pictures May 2016

Last Thursday the rain began and school was cancelled for Friday due to the flood.  The rain settled down early Friday morning and came back strong that afternoon.  This weekend my husband and I were out and about and I grabbed the following images to share with you.  The picture above shows a business that is off I 45 that is on stilts.  This business sits high above the ground and my kids always comment on it as we drive by.  Now my nine year … [Read more...]

Is Mom Ready to Show Off Her Summer Wardrobe?

With the days to summertime quickly counting down, many moms are hoping to make a splash with their outfits in the coming months. That said, finding the best fit can sometimes prove more challenging than one might think. From changes in weight to certain styles coming and going, many women may think that just about nothing will work for them. Quite to the contrary, there are lots of choices when looking to purchase women's clothing for the … [Read more...]

May 26-27 Houston Area Flood

The rain started coming down fast and hard last night.  The water level of our pool was spilling over onto the patio.  Check out the Greenbelt behind our our fence line.  The creek rose quickly and the water kept heading our way until it ran under our fence and on top of our back patio.  Thankfully the water level dropped back quickly and we could stop worrrying that the water would hit our home.  Many people were without power and the high … [Read more...]

Discover Our America Educational Monthly Box

I received a Discover Our America monthly box from www.discoverouramerica.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Above you see the image of the box that I received from www.discoverouramerica.com.  It was well packaged and definitely eye catching. Here's a shot from the inside of my Discover Our America monthly box.  It included a Michigan fact book and fun food items from the following Michigan … [Read more...]

Am I Qualified to Be a Social Worker?

If a career as a social worker has you interested, do you know the qualifications set forth to be one? For many moms, the idea of lending a helping hand to others dealing with abuse issues in the home, troubled children, trying to adopt a child etc. can be enticing. Having the right skill set  to forge a career as a social worker is not as difficult as one might think, though there are certain skills that definitely benefit one in this line of … [Read more...]

Does Your Vehicle Have A Dirty Back Window?

I found the above trapped kid image drawn on a dirty back window of a car on heavy.com.  I have seen many dirty back windows with wording such as "Wash Me,"  "Clean Me," etc. but never anything as artistic as the image above.  We have told our kids over and over how irritated we would be if they wrote in the dirt on our back window, but I'd be truly facinated if I were to find something like that drawn on the back window of my car one … [Read more...]

Benefits Of NOT Using A Microwave

Here in America, we are all about convenience and the “I must have it now” mindset. It is okay to be that way! It is completely normal. That is what makes microwaves so popular. You can heat up a meal in 3 minutes compared to cooking it in the oven for 40 minutes. However, we all know that there are some health hazards with microwaves. The radiation that gets put into food from microwaves is just scary! But, sometimes I am just willing to risk … [Read more...]

Time To Install Our GFY Express Car Wash Building!

Thirteen semi trucks began heading our way to Spring Texas last week and we couldn't wait!  March 19 the crane was set and the semi trucks started the unloading process for our GFY Car Wash building.  We had been waiting for this day for a long time and couldn't wait to see our GFY Good For You Car Wash building put together. Here comes part of the downstairs GFY Car Wash building that was being installed in Spring Texas.  The manager's … [Read more...]

Mom Can Make A Difference in Solving a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Mom Can Make the Difference in Solving a Drug or Alcohol Addiction  Is there anything that mom can’t seem to do? From raising a family and oftentimes holding down a full-time job to being on the frontline more times than not to fix problems at home, moms have a lot of stuff on their plates. That being the case, a challenge that even moms can feel overwhelmed with at times is drug or alcohol addictions. One of the more common drug problems, … [Read more...]

Creek Fishing After The Rain

Yesterday it poured down rain, but Bobby still wanted to spend time at the creek with his fishing pole in hopes of catching a few fish.  We got the bug repellent sprayed on him, he grabbed his tackle box and his pole and we headed off to the creek. Sure enough, he caught a few fish with this being the biggest catch of the afternoon!  Bobby was so excited and happy that I had my camera with me to get this picture for him.  He loves to show … [Read more...]

Orabase Is Great For Tongue Cuts

Thank goodness my dentist told me to find Orabase, I had two wisdom teeth pulled and once pain medicine wore off, I discovered a cut in the side of my tongue.  The cut caused my tongue to burn VERY badly each time I tried to eat food or drink certain drinks.  It was a for-sure diet aid, but not one that I was very fond of having.  I waited a few days and finally called the dentist asking for medicine and a fix for this pain that I was … [Read more...]

Creating Simple, Custom Draperies

There are basic design elements that go into selecting custom drapery or custom window treatments. The first step is to decide what type of window treatments you want to install in the room. There are many choices for window hardware that are made to compliment specific types of window treatments. Install the hardware before you measure for custom draperies.  The windows shown in the image above are gorgeous but they could look even better with … [Read more...]

Crockpot Turkey Breast – Simple Recipe

. My dad has cooked his turkey in a large roasting pan as seen above for years and has always said that they was the only way to go, but he had turkey at his sister's house and he said it was SO tender that I should ask her about it. Since he said it was so great and using a crockpot is always so helpful, I sent an email over to find out more about this simple turkey crockpot recipe. . . Here's my Aunt Linda's response: All you do is … [Read more...]

I Found My Shorts At Costco

In my last post, "Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July," I mentioned that I had finally found shorts to wear as part of my GFY Good For You Carwash uniform at Costco.  Nice looking, well fitting shorts / jeans are always hard for me to find, either they fit well in the waist and are too tight in the behind or they are way too loose in the waist and fit right everywhere else.   Last week I spent three hours walking the mall trying on … [Read more...]

The Thought Behind Design, Color and Originality

Design is an integral part of the human experience. How we style our hair, what we wear, what our devices look like and more is fundamentally influenced by our preferences in design. And because not all humans are the same, design is a vast and free-flowing field that makes sure everyone, from moms to children, find a design that is pleasing to the eye. You’ve probably heard the term “psychology of design” before. Believe it or not, this is … [Read more...]

Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July

Finally, I have spent hours at the mall and online looking for the best shorts for me to wear this summer while working at our GFY Express Carwash.  Our uniform consists of longer style khaki shorts and a GFY Express Carwash embroidered polo style shirt.  My husband has been working for two years now planning and arranging for our carwash to be built and we're on track to open this summer. We have billboard in place and everyone is working … [Read more...]