No Air Conditioner? 90 degrees?

I am sure you have all seen and/or heard those public service announcements that tell us that when the weather gets extremely hot to check in on our older neighbors. It is true that the elderly and young children are far more susceptible to extremes in temperature and with excess heat are much more likely to dehydrate--and quickly. They also mention to check on people with compromised lungs. Well it turns out--it is the truth! I was getting … [Read more...]

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Family Will Breathe Better

When you want to make sure that you are able to provide the safest and healthiest environment for your children, making sure that your home is tested for indoor air quality is extremely important.  After all, your kids spend a great deal of time at home; whether it's a rainy weekend indoors or evenings spent relaxing with the family.  When your family is exposed to a particular environment for an extended period of time, you certainly want to … [Read more...]

Cleaned Your AC Unit Lately?

Texas Summer's are HOT!  People either deal with the heat and keep going or shut themselves up in the air condition until it cools down.  While many of our neighbors hide themselves away, my family keeps going, knowing it is best to get going earlier rather than sleeping in and letting the heat set in before going out.  However, my husband does worry about the kids and I when we go to the pool in extreme temperatures.  Being in the water, it is … [Read more...]