Trip To Toronto Canada Was A Blast!

Here's the sign that my husband and I saw each day on our walk back to our hotel when my husband and I visited Toronto, Canada for the Word on the Street National Book Festival.  I wanted to get a picture of our hotel but waited too long and then it rained, so the picture above was my best bet for a motel memory picture.  We didn't have much time to enjoy the area, but we made the most of the time that we had there and had a blast! We … [Read more...]

Our Experience At Toronto’s Word On The Street National Book Festival

My husband and I had lots of fun at The Word On The Street National Book and Magazine Festival that we attended this September at the invite from his book publisher.  My husband and I had a booth at this book festival in Toronto, Canada were he signed his book:  An Average Joe's Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Change Your Perception on Money. We had lots of fun meeting everyone that stopped by our booth.  Michael discussed his book, An … [Read more...]

Promoting With Highlighters

Our promotional highlighters arrived!  We ordered 250 of these to take with us on our book signing tours for my husband's new book.  It is called An Average Joe's Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Changed Perception of Money.  Guess what his book website is?  You guessed it: as can be seen below on the close up picture of the highlighter / pens. We have nice Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom bookmarks and … [Read more...]

Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom Ebook / Paypal #Giveaway is excited that Advertise with Bloggers and Adventures of My Family of 8 came together to bring you this giveaway. What do you do when you have extra money? Do you save it, invest it, spend it? Since my husband wrote this book, you can imagine what goes on at my house.  We spend a little, invest a lot and look for  future investments. Have you always wondered why you may not have the ability to maintain wealth? Well, boy do … [Read more...]