Sand & Sun At Galveston Beach

Galveston Island is always a great getaway spot for our family.  It is close to home and makes you feel as if you've stepped right into vacation mode.  The beach, the wind, fun gift shops, great restaurants and more!  The cleanliness of the Galveston Beach water is nothing when compared to a Florida Beach, but Galveston is less then two hours away from home.  The boys love playing in the beach, dreaming about catching small sharks off the pier … [Read more...]

Packing List: Day On The Water

If you are getting ready for a fun day on the water, make sure you have the essentials! As always, you will want to pack your swimsuit and a towel! Just in case, pack two towels. Someone else will probably forget his or hers. Next, bring some baggies for your electronics. I have experienced this one too many times – someone thinks they are being funny by throwing your clothes in the lake but they do not realize that your phone is in your pocket … [Read more...]

Are Your Stretch Marks Irritating?

It is summer  time, the sun is out and the beach is calling your name!  How are you feeling about your swimsuit this year?  Do you have scars or stretch marks you want to hide or get rid of?  I know I have a few stretch marks left over from my pregnancies!  Did you know that there are places that hold classes to teach you how to do different skin treatments, these places also administer the treatments!  If you have stretch marks that you are … [Read more...]

Display The Shells From Your Summer Vacation

Going to the beach is a fun past time for  my family.  We love taking a picnic lunch with us, being able to play in the water on good weather days and every time we go we always find the most beautiful shells buried in the sand.  Bringing the shells home with us has been part of the fun since our kids were small; we bring them home, give the a good rinse and set them out to dry in the sun.  During our last visit we noticed that our collection had … [Read more...]

Aurorae Beach Towel #Giveaway ENDS 6/5

I was given a beach/swim towel from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Above you will see the stitched logo that appears on all the Aurorae towels.  The beach/swim towel that  I was given for this review was Cayman Island Coral in color.  I also have the Fiji Sunset in the yoga towel and have washed it multiple times over the past year and there are no signs of fading.  As you can guess, I … [Read more...]

#Galveston Island Texas Afternoon Trip

This past weekend, we took a trip to Galveston Island, Texas.  It is like a different world down there, one minute you are on the interstate and the next, you've hit a beach town full of tourists.  The waves and wind are high, the breeze is cool and there are beach shops and restaurants scattered throughout the town.  Since we are trying to watch our food intake, we tried to focus on the shops and not on all the restaurants that seemed to be … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Saint Augustine Florida

[Read more...]