GFYcarwash Quality Painting Crew

Check out the painters above!  This is a job that I wouldn't necessarily enjoy.  The days have been super hot here in Texas and it probably feels even hotter when working around the top of our carwash building.  We're on track to open soon but still lots to do.  Thank goodness our painting crew is timely and always on top of things.  We have been using this same painting crew for about fifteen years now. I met the owner of the painting business … [Read more...]

Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July

Finally, I have spent hours at the mall and online looking for the best shorts for me to wear this summer while working at our GFY Express Carwash.  Our uniform consists of longer style khaki shorts and a GFY Express Carwash embroidered polo style shirt.  My husband has been working for two years now planning and arranging for our carwash to be built and we're on track to open this summer. We have billboard in place and everyone is working … [Read more...]

Do You Use Outdoor Vending Machines?

Carwash Supply Vending Options Our GFY Express Carwash is being built and plans are being made for this summer's opening.  Everyone is excited and working on different aspects of the business preparation.  I am working on promotions and am currently looking into stocking the perfect outdoor vending machines.  It is VERY hot in Texas, so drink machines are a MUST and of course, I need good snack options for both employees and customers.  I am … [Read more...]