Why A Clean House Is Important

Why A Clean House Is Important Your home should always be a comfort zone or a place of refuge for you and your family. You set the air in your home, the temperature, the design, and the decor to make it a place of relaxation. You also strive to have a safe place for you and the ones you love. In fact, after a hard day at work, there's nothing like home. You can watch your favorites movie with the kids, kick your shoes off to put your feet up, … [Read more...]

Priority Cleaning After An Illness

No amount of hand sanitizer or vitamins prevents your kids from falling ill. You can be the most careful, most diligent parent in the world, but one night a child will walk into your bedroom while you sleep soundly and promptly vomit all over the floor next to your bed. Fear not, mom and dad, that same child will then tell you that she already vomited in her bed, her hallway and once for good measure in the living room on her way into your room. … [Read more...]

She Found Someone To Clean Her Apartment

Picture originally from livingwithinourmeans.blogspot.com A friend of mine is having trouble breathing and the doctors are trying to find something that will alleviate this. But meanwhile--she can't clean her apartment. The dust and the cat fur are accumulating along with lots of other stuff which is making matters much worse. She manages to do a little bit then has to sit----this obviously isn't getting much done. She told me she called one of … [Read more...]

Avoid Germs This Winter

With the cold weather moving in, have you decided how you are going to attempt to stay germ free this year?   There are a lot of different things you can do within your home to avoid germs as much as possible. Wipe down any and all surfaces with a clean paper towel that can be thrown away after using.  It is much better and more sanitary to use disposable paper towels instead of a sponge because sponges carry germs and absorb them.  Make sure … [Read more...]

Tips: Eliminate Bacteria in the Kitchen

Most kitchen tools are the perfect atmosphere for bacteria.  They get damp, wet, and basically are nothing but bacteria holders.  This is true for sponges, washcloths, mop heads, the whole works.  There are definitely better choices not only for your health, but for the environment as well. The sponges and old washcloths are made with chemicals that don’t easily break down when tossed. Here’s a few things that will help with being eco-friendly … [Read more...]

Organize Your Desk Drawers

We have lived in our present home since 2008 and since then I have been shoving more and more into my desk drawer.  It has been time to clean this drawer out for some time now, but I just didn't make time for it.  My husband has been talking about needing desk drawers in his office and that made me think about all the drawers I was lucky enough to have, but couldn't even use because they were jam packed! Check out the picture above, those are … [Read more...]

Teach Kids To Clean Right

Do your children help clean the house?  Make sure you are teaching your kids to clean, the right way.  Every parent knows how children are sometimes unwilling to clean around the house.  While there isn’t a sure-shot formula to get every kid to clean up the mess, here a few helpful tips:  Teach them to Clean Cleaning is a job, and every job requires a certain type of training.  Just like the adults need to get trained for a new job, even … [Read more...]

Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

I am always glad to see these cleaning guest posts in my inbox.  The only cleaning tips I know come in bottles of cleaner bought from the store, so I am thrilled to be able to share these great cleaning tips with you as they come in.  The following tips sound like they will work wonders in your kitchen - enjoy! Guest Post:  Quickly Clean Your Kitchen Appliances The kitchen is a haven for every housewife. You use that room for making food … [Read more...]

What Is Your Least Favorite Room To Clean?

Another guest post came in on how to care for your cooktop.  I am not an ace in this department, so I thought I'd leave the tips for the pro's.  I hope you can benefit from their post.  Everyone wants a clean kitchen, but does everyone have one?  The Kitchen – How to Deal with the Range Nightmare If you make your own research, asking all the housewives you know which space in their home they hate to clean the most, the answer will be one and … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Closets and Make Extra Spending Money

Christmas will be here soon, along with many new items that you may not have room for.  Many people are looking for deals right now onEbay, Craigslist or area websites.  If you can make time to gather up your unwanted items such as toys, Christmas Decorations, Artificial Trees you no longer want to use,  party clothes, gently used kids shoes, and coats, you could sell them on Ebay, local newspapers, consignment shops or donate them to the women's … [Read more...]