Use Your “Special Stuff!”

Do you save things for a special occasion?  If so, this is how I gained so much clutter around my house.  Thank goodness I read a de-cluttering book that "woke me up!"  I saved everything instead of enjoying it.  For example, I used to sell Scentsy from 2012 -2013 so I have TONS of scent packs and the Scentsy sample kit shown above.  I never wanted to burn any scents when I wasn't in that particular room, so my Scentsy warmer only got used at … [Read more...]

Craft Room Organization Tips

Is your craft room out of control and in serious need of some organization? Ribbon Spools Organization You can use a paper towel holder to hold spools of ribbon for easy access!  Simply slide the spools onto a paper towel stand’s post.  Stack them from largest to smallest, bottom to top.  When you are done, tape the ribbon ends to their spools to keep them neat.  Not only is this a convenient way to store them, but it also looks pretty … [Read more...]

Home Organization Ideas For Kid Items

Keeping your home organized can be challenging, especially if you have children.  The key is sticking to your budget and working within your means!  I have a few (cheap) tips that can help to keep your home organized and neat looking all the time! Let’s say the weather outside is bad and your kids are desperate to do something fun and entertaining but they are stuck in the house.  This happens all too often, and parents are usually scrambling … [Read more...]

Combatting Clutter – Get Organized!

  Do you need a few tips on combating clutter in your home?  Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to clean out and clean up!  If you can add organization into that, your home will look great when you are done! If you have any jewelry boxes laying around (the flat cardboard kind you find at craft stores or dollar stores), insert them into your “junk drawer” and use them to organize pens, pencils, lipsticks or whatever … [Read more...]

Organize Your Desk Drawers

We have lived in our present home since 2008 and since then I have been shoving more and more into my desk drawer.  It has been time to clean this drawer out for some time now, but I just didn't make time for it.  My husband has been talking about needing desk drawers in his office and that made me think about all the drawers I was lucky enough to have, but couldn't even use because they were jam packed! Check out the picture above, those are … [Read more...]