Baylor University Basketball Camp

This was Travis' first year to attend the Baylor University overnight basketball camp.  It was a great experience for him since he will be selecting colleges before we know it.  He was able to experience dorm life, dorm food and get a feel for their campus.  Baylor is a little over three hours away from our house, just enough distance to be away from home, yet close enough to visit frequently.  Above you can see a photo of the campers on the last … [Read more...]

Things College Freshmen Need Before Move-In Day

Being a college freshman is exciting, scary, incredibly bonding, sometimes lonely, fun, hard, and everything in between.  It’s a journey each person needs to make on their own, but you can help set them up for success with the perfect home away from home. First thing to know about this new home away from home is that it is miniature.  If your student’s stuff was previously strewn about the house, it now needs to be contained into one half of a … [Read more...]

What Your Teen Needs to Know Before College

College is the first step to adulthood, and while there are inevitably freshman (and senior) mistakes here are a few things your student should know before you send them off into the world: Hygiene: college can be a very messy, dirty place.  There are several skills students’ need to keep their surroundings clean including how to do their laundry, how to remove stains from their clothes, how to hand wash their clothes (school washing machines … [Read more...]

Options For Your Kids After Highschool

Guest Post:  Talking with your children about options after highschool For many kids, it’s difficult to imagine life after high school. Graduating is an accomplishment to be proud of, but it can bring about anxiety as many teens begin to contemplate leaving the nest for the first time. Parents can ease the transition by beginning to discuss with their child the many options that are available to them after graduation. Don’t be afraid to broach … [Read more...]