Time To Replace Your Underwear?

In my last post about underwear, we discussed why you shouldn’t wear underwear that are too loose or too tight.  Now that you have established what is considered too loose and too tight, let’s talk about how to change that or replace them frugally! If your underwear are too tight, you have a few options: You can start your New Year’s resolution a little early and start exercising and eating better, or you can buy new ones.  If you are … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Get Healthy

It’s hard enough being a part, but finding ways to encourage your children to eat better, exercise, and develop healthy habits is another whole challenge.  The idea of children actually eating enough servings of fresh fruits and vegetables not only sounds implausible, but them finding interest in such food proves difficult. The wide variety of boxed and processed foods available drastically influences and molds a child’s perception of food. … [Read more...]

11 Tips To Regaining Control Of Your Diet On New Year’s Day

I have thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and all the sweets and treats that go along with it, but come New Year's Day, my eating binge will end.  Once you start eating larger amounts of food and adding all that extra sugar into your diet, it is very hard to wean yourself back off it, but you need to remember that it is much easier to lose weight that was gained quickly than it is to lose weight that is gained over a long period of time. I want … [Read more...]