MiuColor.com Review: Crystal Glass Water Bottle #Giveaway

I was given the following from MiuColor.com to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are mine alone. This 24.5 oz crystal glass water bottle from MiuColor.com couldn't have come at a better time!  We are in the process of opening our first GFY Carwash location and it's hot!  Being outside in this Texas heat definitely calls for multiple water breaks.  We've purchased a cold water cooler and this MiuColor.com crystal glass water … [Read more...]

Keep Your Family as Healthy as Can Be

  Moms know how challenging it can seem at times to keep the family healthy. From colds to injuries, mom can seem sometimes like she’s running her own medical ward out of the house. With that being the case, how much of a challenge do you find it to be keeping your significant other and your child or children safe and healthy? If the answer is very challenging, you might want to sit back and reassess what’s going on in the house. Getting to … [Read more...]

Home Exercise Equipment: Dust Collector or Fitness Tool?

Do you have any exercise equipment in your house?  Does it get used or does it collect dust or is it being used as a coat hanger?  We have a nice elliptical machine in our home that my husband bought for himself to use several years ago.  It was used for awhile, then it turned into a large dust collector.  Then I had knee surgery and part of my physical therapy was to spend a little time each day on an elliptical so my husband moved the machine … [Read more...]

Workouts: Dress to Impress

“Dress to impress” can sometimes seem like a cliché, but when it comes to staying healthy, it makes a surprising difference!  Just like wearing a sharp suit can help you ace an interview, wearing sharp athletic clothes can help you get exercising.  Believe me, it’s scientifically proven!  In a study at Northwestern volunteers were asked to perform cognitive tasks.  Some groups were given a lab coat to wear, and some groups were given nothing. … [Read more...]

Tips: Get Pumped for Your Workout

Getting the recommended amount of exercise can feel like a chore most days.  Around workout time your bed can start to look extra fluffy, your TV show extra interesting, your eyelids extra droopy, and it’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” However 99% of the time you will not regret a workout!  All you need is a little extra motivation to take the first step, and here are some tips on getting yourself pumped to workout: First, putting … [Read more...]

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Are you struggling to sleep after a long day work? Well, this is quite a miserable situation to be in and it is well known that one should try and sleep eight hours. Lack of sleep may be associated by a number of things and activities, but there are ways in which one should do in order to get a great night’s sleep.  . If you try to sleep and all is in vain, there are guidelines that you should follow to get enough sleep. . 1. EAT LIGHT … [Read more...]

#Giveaway Aurorae Resistance Bands Set ENDS 11/23

I was given this set of resistance bands from Aurorae Yoga to use in faciliting my review.  All opinions are my own. Aurorae Yoga is an active lifestyle e-retailer who also sells yoga mats, fitness products and outdoor accessories through Amazon. I've reviewed several of their items and appreciate the quality and detail they put into each and every one of them.  This company has recently launched a new fitness division which includes this … [Read more...]

Does Your School Participate In The Fun Run?

Bobby was very excited to sign up to participate in the annual school Fun Run!  All third and fourth graders are elgible to run in this event.  Bobby has been waiting for two years to run in this event and was so excited to particpate.  I am thrilled that my kids like to participate in physical fitness activities, you can see that by the picture that I took above.  Bobby was running past me the first time and I must have snapped the picture too … [Read more...]

Family Fun with Physical Activity

To encourage exercise in your home, it’s important to weave physical activity into daily life in interesting ways.  In addition to setting aside a formal time slot for a family workout, there are plenty of creative ways to get everyone’s blood pumping together. Note - if familiar exercise plans, such as biking or hiking trips work for your family, then toss this article aside and get in gear!  Yet if you’re seeking something new, here are a … [Read more...]

Kiqplan Personalized Fitness / Training App Review

I received these personalized fitness apps shown in the image below from www.kiqplan.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Kiqplan is a personalized fitness app that comes with a digital coach, motivating tips and noutritional info. that syncs up with many activity trackers, fitness apps and smartphones.  I don't go anywhere without my Fitbit band, so when Kiqplan approached me about their app that worked hand … [Read more...]

Simple Preworkout Food Combos

I have listed a few different pre-workout food combinations you can eat before specific workouts.  These will fuel your energy and keep you going longer. If you plan on walking for a while, try eating one medium sized pear and ½ an ounce of sharp cheddar cheese.  100 to 200 calories with a mix of carbs, protein and fat offsets hunger and helps muscles stride longer. If you are going to go running, eat ½ cup each of oats and blueberries … [Read more...]

Use Your Driveway For A Workout

If you read my blog often, you know that I like to go to the gym on a weekly basis.  This past weekend, we visited family which kept me away from the gym, so I thought I'd share my "home" workout with you.  If you do not live in an area with walking trails, driveways come in handy for daily walking/jogging depending on their size / layout. In order to beat the summer heat, it is best to go for your walk early in the morning.  If you are not a … [Read more...]

Music Adds Energy To Family Workouts

Summer is here and it is now much harder to go to the gym and keep in line with your regular workout schedule.  In order to stay in shape over the summer months, you need to find ways to involve your family in your workouts in order to fit your workout time into your hectic summer schedule. When is the last time you invited your child to workout alongside you?  Come up with a fun workout for you and your child to do throughout the week. … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking To A Workout Routine Part 2

Remember part 1? Well this is part 2! Let’s get started!  We talked about 7 tips to help you start and stick to a workout routine in part 1. Here are 7 more tips to keep you on track: Get your family involved.  Both my kids love to workout and go on bike rides with their dad.  Working out is more fun when you have a partner and this is really a must if you plan to workout throughout the summer if you have children that are home with you. … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking With A Workout Routine (Part 1)

It can be really hard to stick to your workout routine, especially when you are just starting out.  Sometimes we get too sore or too tired and we decide to skip a day.  Well, before you know it you have skipped 3 days in a row and then decided to quit all together.  I have 14 tips that will help you to start and stick with your workout routine.  This is part 1. Part 2 will come later on. One of the best tips I have ever received is to throw … [Read more...]

Post Pregnancy Exercises For You

I have a friend who just had a baby, and she was finally cleared to start working out again.  She has decided to start with strengthening her pelvic floor because let’s be honest, having a baby really does a number on your body!  There are four essential moves to help strengthen your pelvic floor. The first one is the wall squat. Stand against a wall, feet hip-width apart. Inhale, engage your pelvic floor and lower into a squat as though … [Read more...]