May 26-27 Houston Area Flood

The rain started coming down fast and hard last night.  The water level of our pool was spilling over onto the patio.  Check out the Greenbelt behind our our fence line.  The creek rose quickly and the water kept heading our way until it ran under our fence and on top of our back patio.  Thankfully the water level dropped back quickly and we could stop worrrying that the water would hit our home.  Many people were without power and the high … [Read more...]

Texas Rain Is Back In Our Area

Earlier this week, the kids missed two days of school due to flooding.  We only experienced rain for the beginning of the first non-school day, then it cleared up our way.  We are very lucky to live in this area as it is not one that is affected by flooding.  The school system sent the kids back to school yesterday and now today, the raining has started again.  The rain is steady with thunder and lightening as well. I know the kids are at … [Read more...]

Houston Texas Flooding

We are extremely lucky to live in an area that doesn't get hit with flooding.  We have had tons of rain over the last two days with school being cancelled by today and yesterday.  Above you will see a shot from our front door.  This was as bad as it got at our house while other area homes are taking in water and people have lost their lives in the flood waters.  There are many areas that are shut down and many areas that are still taking on … [Read more...]