Crockpot Turkey Breast – Simple Recipe

. My dad has cooked his turkey in a large roasting pan as seen above for years and has always said that they was the only way to go, but he had turkey at his sister's house and he said it was SO tender that I should ask her about it. Since he said it was so great and using a crockpot is always so helpful, I sent an email over to find out more about this simple turkey crockpot recipe. . . Here's my Aunt Linda's response: All you do is … [Read more...]

Pack The Perfect Amusement Park Backpack

In order to save money and be prepared for a day out at the amusement park you definitely need to carry a backpack.   Before you start packing, you need to check the amusement park rules and regulations on carrying in food / drinks to the park you will be visiting.  Some parks allow to you carry in a soft cooler while others will not allow you to bring in any food unless is it medically necessary or needed for a small child.  We just visited … [Read more...]