How New Moms Can Maintain Their Friendships

Becoming a mother has a wide range of challenges. Being a mom means facing issues that may have never been faced before and learning to find a rhythm that works for everyone. These unexpected issues can take a real toll on new moms, making their job a lot more difficult than it should be. One of the issues that new moms commonly face but do not think about ahead of time is maintaining their friendships after their new baby arrives. A new mom’s … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Tips For Encouraging Healthy Friendships

Enjoy the following guest post: One of the biggest joys of life no matter who you are is meeting new people with shared interests and developing great friendships based on those things. Because as it is said, you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends. And if you choose your friends wisely, the friends you keep in life are able to give you invaluable advice and support, challenge you to think differently, celebrate with you … [Read more...]