Gardening Season Has Arrived!

The following article was sent over by Jessica from It is finally garden season! All of our fruits and vegetables are beginning to show and our number one ‘grower,’ zucchini, is making its famous appearance again. I say famous because they are EVERYWHERE! What can a person do with 98434 zucchinis?? Well, let me tell you! Growing up, my mom would always pull at least 15 zucchinis from her garden a day. Yes, 15 a … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Herb Garden

You hear that you need to eat more fresh and organic greens everywhere, but it can be hard to find them outside of Whole Foods.  Unless they are sitting right on your windowsill in the form of an herb garden!  Fresh basil, parsley, or thyme are useful in so many different ways.  Not only will they add major flavor to your pasta, salad and other dishes, it’s also super healthy and can liven up your kitchen!  A green thumb is not necessary to grow … [Read more...]