A Great Attitude Can Get You Pretty Far!

Sometimes we get caught up in the negativity that happens around us.  It can be so hard to get out of that loop once you enter into it! Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it?”  I have a story that goes along with that phrase. I have a friend who is married with a young child and their little family just got a home of their own.  They did not truly realize just how expensive it would be when you add in the utilities and other … [Read more...]

Hormones Of Happiness

We often wonder why are we happy and what needs to happen for us to be calm, collected and at peace.  Even though we call this a mental process, happiness is something that comes from our hormones.  These chemical substances which are produced within our body are the main cause for our good mood.  In that regard, it is necessary to keep them in check, on adequate levels, so that we can enjoy each and every day of our … [Read more...]