Kitchen Rennovation Is In Full Swing

Check out the mess in the picture above.  This is my kitchen and on the other side of the 'plastic wall" is my living room.  In order to keep the house cool and keep the air condition from running constantly, no one is supposed to walk through the plastic lining.  Everyone has agreed to walk around through the dining room but our dog Dakota believes that she is "above the law" and keeps running through the bottom portion of my "plastic … [Read more...]

Remodeling Decisions Are Never Easy

This time of year is always busy, lots to do to prepare for the holidays and never enough time to get it all done as quickly as we'd like.  Once Christmas has passed and all the decorations are back up in the attic, it is time for me to start planning my downstairs remodel.  The kitchen is ready for an upgrade along with all the downstairs flooring.  I am excited about upgrading my downstairs, but am also dreading this because I know that my … [Read more...]