Family Flag Activity For Kids

Above you'll see one of my second grader's homework sheets from last week.  The homework assignment was to make a family flag by using the colors that best represent your family.  Once you've got your colors selected, then you needed to come up with a good way to integrate them into a flag design. Here were the color choices and their meanings: Blue:  justice, piety, sincerity Green:  hope Purple:  high rank red-purple: … [Read more...]

Fun Newspaper Number Activity For Kids

My son is in second grade and brought this newspaper number activity assignment home last week.  The assignment was to use a newspaper or a magazine to find certain numbers.  We lucked out and the first section we came to contained car sale prices from the local car lots.  This newspaper number activity for kids was finished in a flash, but was a lot of fun.  We cut out lots of numbers and then went through our numbers to find the ones that fit … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Top 5 Ways to Help Your Child Get Good Grades

Your kids need to get the best grades they can, not just because they're necessary for a successful academic future, but because earning good grades creates good habits. By getting good grades, children learn to always try their best, to set goals, and to love learning new things. Putting pressure on children is never the way to go, but there are habits and techniques that will help them consistently bring home their best efforts. Create a … [Read more...]

Motivational Activities For Kids

Does your child have a special activity they participate in once a week?  My oldest son plays basketball and participates in select tournaments and my youngest takes horse back riding lessons once a week.  I had a horse as a child and know that there is a lot involved in owning a horse, so horse riding lessons are perfect for us.  This way Bobby can experience horse back riding without his parents – my husband and I – having to take care of his … [Read more...]

But My Homework Is Boring!

There’s nothing like getting home at the end of a long day, sharing dinner with your family, cleaning the last dirty dish, and then bringing up the topic of homework with your child.  “But mom,” your child cries, “I don’t want to do homework!”  Do you find yourself  having homework fights with your child? As a parent, it’s natural to want your children to want to learn and to want to do their homework, but what about when they just aren’t … [Read more...]