How Do You Protect Your Family?

I grew up in a small town, where everyone seemed to know everyone.  No one ever worried about locking their car doors or hiding valuables in their cars before going into the store.  I can remember my parents making sure our house doors were locked before we went to bed and that was it.  We didn't even have dead bolts, just the standard door knob locks.  The only thing scary that I can remember happening was the visits from the neighborhood … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Protect Your Home Against Intruders

Suggestions for Protecting Your Home against Intruders With home ownership comes the responsibility of protecting that home.  When parents search for the right home for their present or future children, they must look beyond the simple aesthetic value, the square footage, whether or not the basement is finished, and the status of the kitchen in the house. For each parent, home security should come first.  The path to a secured and safe home … [Read more...]